Purple Fig fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, cr?me de cassis, angelica seeds
  • Heart

    • cyclamen, galbanum
  • Base

    • virginia cedarwood, cypress

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This is odd! My review is for Purple Fig by Vilhelm Parfumerie which was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette. I am putting here because it has the same name and the exact same notes as this Purple Fig here listed as from Bruckner. I think its very strange that two companies could have the same name and notes for a new fragrance at the same time!? So, I will write about Vilhelm Parfumerie's Purple Fig assuming that this is possibly a typo as to perfumer and house?

Purple Fig is an excellent fragrance, with rich dark and cold elements with clearly delineated changes between head notes, heart and base. The opening is a tart purple cassis with prickly green angelica and galbanum note that is amazingly light for such a piercing opening. The floral aspect here smells of lilac and reminds me of Frederic Malle's En Passant which gives the scent a very private, secret garden, pure medicinal quality. The galbanum and plum purple cassis makes quite a contrasting pairing here and the slight aroma of fig enters at about one hour mark as the heart notes creep to the fore. The base of cedar and cypress keeps the apothecary feel going and there is never a sweet floral scent, not a bit, but is very herbal and crisply cut greens then a terpey wood base. I like it very much for the assured change in tone one to another and the fig note is kept dry and just a whisper as all fig notes should be - in my opinion. A fine spring fragrance - possibly even an inspired bit of perfumery from Vilhelm Parfumerie. I am intrigued by the offbeat slightly gothic slant of the ethereal floral, dark green, then purple notes. Cool.
12th January 2017