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Reviews of Puro Lino by Puro Lino

There are 3 reviews of Puro Lino by Puro Lino.

Puro Lino - Puro Lino
First of all, I respect the independent guy from puro lino for putting his own brand on the market. But no living human-being could sniff this, buy this and use it on a regular basis, attaching memories to it; unless your sense of smell is lost or very weak... The first whiff, a fragile sweet rosewater on jasmine-petals note, is nice for about 5 seconds before its being taken over by a so obnoxious and crude soap note, that I thought it got me fainting... Puro Lino reminds me of the green colored blocks of Palmolive-soap from the time when I was a kid, and also of all the toilets that I have ever used in my life so far - so, not pleasant memories all the way, I can assure you... This perfume tries to settle down in a freshly washed, thick cotton blankets note that's steeped in soft-floral and powdery iris with rooty and darky soil aspects; but unfortunately, that sharp-soapy note is never far away.... This perfume deserves a more 'subtle' name: Puro Sapono extreme.
May 23, 2014

As weylin mentions,"Puro Lino starts out with a quite powerful liquid detergent opening." For me it never really releases the liquid laundrey detergent scent. I really wanted to like this one but after a half dozen attempts over two years it's a no-go. Better options are Prada Infusion D'homme, Helmut Lang EDC, Penhaligon's Castille and of course Gendarme.

Oct 11, 2010

Puro Lino starts out with a quite powerful liquid detergent opening. It softens down to a beautiful clean floral.The base is light floral/musky.Longevity seems very good.Sillage seems fair to good.Scent smells very natural.Suitable for men and women.Puro Lino is the cleanest fresh fragrance I know of.If you like the idea of smelling like a fresh T-Shirt off the clothes line in April, you've found your fragrance.
Jul 3, 2009

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