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Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

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Pure XS is a men's fragrance launched in 2017 by Paco Rabanne

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Reviews of Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

There are 14 reviews of Pure XS by Paco Rabanne.

Very good but placement is key. This is not an everyday perfume. You do not want I overspray or spray on the front of your neck or even your forearm or wrists. This projection reminds of the 80's. It isn't offensive and despite the sillage, this is an intimate perfume for the special person in your life. People are writing it off for it's vanilla scent but it's a bit more complicated than the notes listed here. Because fragrance reviews are mostly useless and subscribe I. E. Incredibly biased, it's best to have a relative fragrance to compare it too. The relative fragrance I think of when I smell this is YSL Y edp. They have a similar sexy deliciousness to them that maybe the men hate but women love. With Y, if I smell closely, I am reminded of salted caramel. Think of Y as salty and Pure XS as a sugary distant cousin. This is very Paco Rabanne in it's character going back as far as their original Pour Homme. What I mean by this is that, it isn't for the weak, naive, or inexperienced wearer/nose. It demands attention and is relative to the trending blue fragrances on the market. I prefer YSL Y to it but only because it is a little more complex but Pure XS is still very good. Again I must emphasize to not spray it near your own nose because the sillage can wear your nose out after 3-5 hours. With all that said, it's a thumbs up. To me, it is very sexy. I've had women blind smell it and watched their reactions. Wow, they really love this. This isn't for the pretentious BDC (floral induced headache) or the try-hard Savage (concentrated nausea inducing insecurity) boy. This is for the date night and bed room. Wear with caution and dress for the occasion. Also the perfect christmas fragance because of the sugar and vanilla.

Fresh vanilla is the best and only way I can describe this scent.
Maybe a bit too much much of a cookie vibe for my taste.

Tart fruity vomit. Awful. As abrasively synthetic as they come and genuinely shitty in every sense of the word. This scent offers nothing. I also want to punch the guy who designed its cap. I'd explain why but you wouldn't believe me if I told you. "That's too stupid to be true. You're lying!" you'd say to me.

I rarely dismiss scents like this. But I hate this stuff. And I'm a big fan of Paco Rabanne in general, love the Black XS series, the Invictus line and 1 Million. I'm not averse to modern, synethically-rooted scents. But this is bad. BAD. Don't be an idiot like I was and ignore all the negative reviews below because those reviews are spot on and they're there to help you. Thumbs down. Avoid. Seriously. Final rating: 3/10

Side note: I don't know. I seriously hated this stuff when I tried it. But a lot of people love it. I don't see how that's even possible as it was just so awful to me. I wonder if a combination of the notes or aromachemicals does something weird when they go to the olfactive region of my brain and get all scrambled up or distorted. Because if anything actually smelled the way Pure XS smells to me, it would never make it off the cutting room floor.

I sort of like this ..reason being, there's something in this that gives off a really clean sophisticated vibe ..I think it may be incense and myrrh mixed with the fresh notes..simular to the magical clean and incensy profumo or bleu de chanel but in no way as accomplished as those two. The sweetness from the artificial vanilla in the mix kind of spoils things a little in my opinion, instead of intensifying the fragrance it just blankets over all the other promising notes. Performance isn't great either, roughly 3hrs of note worthy performance. Great chunky glass bottle and an ok fragrance inside..glimpses of something great but never quite getting there, a weak mix of Dylan blue and la nuit de l'homme.

The "One" Redux...

So, for my impressions with this one, I am reminded of The One for men by Dolce & Gabbana. I find Pure Excess extremely similar in that it is a warm, spicy oriental with ginger, amber, vanilla etc. Not only that, but it also has the same poor longevity of The One (or maybe even less) which would make me recommend this only for summer use in hot weather (and summer nights).

The perfumers here apparently wanted to evoke the smell of skin, and there are a few different perfumes that try to do that in fact. I do get the faint impression of warm skin and I think that this, coupled with the fact that the projection and longevity are not good enough to be worn throughout the day, I would recommend it for summer date nights with a significant other, and for use in intimate occasions.

As for myself, as I already own The One, I can't see myself purchasing this. However I would recommend it for summer date nights, as well as hot summer days, because this really only has the longevity of an eau de cologne, not an eau de toilette.

Candy/powdery sweet (like one of those chalky valentines candies) with some fruit-citrus in the opening. Smells similar to Azzaro Wanted. The vanilla is so harsh it's almost not detectable as vanilla. The drydown drops the fruit and you're just left with powdery sweetness. It's pleasant overall but very synthetic and loud.

Feels a little heavy, so probably best for cooler months. Casual might be best but not the worst for a dressed up event.

Very good projection, so couple that with the sweetness and it will probably garner some compliments.

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