Pure Poison Elixir fragrance notes

  • Head

    • green mandarin, tunisian petitgrain
  • Heart

    • jasmine sambac, orange blossom
  • Base

    • cocoa bean, vanilla, amber

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Inspired by the success of the original PURE POISON,for those who want to recapture their past memories of it classy perfume.this smells heavenly and catches people off guard.it is like the scent sneaks up on them and causes them to acknowledge it's presence. elegant, romantic,exciting,feminine, seductive,chic and gorgeous.

However It starts with green mandarin orange and orange blossom but it quickly fade.jasmine mixes with with woods, vanilla and cocoa in the dry down for a sensual finish to an weirdly seductive and highly feminine scent for stylish ladies who want to attract the right kind of attention without appearing overdoing it.

This EDP is more warm and rich than the original but it is not as floral as PURE POISON for me.the best seasons for it is autumn/winter.It can be worn for evening wear as well as romantic occasion.In conclusion if you want to feel like a very special princess and make an extraordinary impression on someone this is what you need.
22nd April 2015
I have nothing to complain with this perfume, its quite longlasting and stronger then the original wich faded away sooner, gorgeous perfume!
12th January 2011

I am so in love with this one! This is so much better than Pure Poison. First it is flowers no doubt, nice Jasmine which I am finding myself starting to like more & more. Maybe it is because of this frag? At any rate , Its fresh & with the added cocoa & vanilla makes it more so gourmand! A wonderful edition to the Elixr line up! This would still be catergorized as more fem than masculine in alot of mens eyes, but I say if it works for you, wear it! This has great longevity & silage! What more can you ask for? It is not for everyone, ( THANK GOODNESS ) So try before you buy! Either way the outcome should leave you intrigued. I have gotten some rather nice comments on this by both men & women who have noticed it. Beautiful bottle that I think I will keep. I normally throw them out when I am done with the frag. So Dior gets another + for this creation!
19th October 2010
This is very much alike a deodorant spray called "Impulse Incognito". I always loved that spray, and wished it would also sell in perfume form. Well, my dream has come true, Pure Poison Elixir is "Impulse Incognito". I'm very happy about my precious discovery. Impulse Incognito carries many wonderful memmories of mine, and I love the smell. Therefore, I'm happy and very enthusiastic about P.P.Elixir !!!5 stars out of 5, I love it !!!
1st April 2010
A strong floral vanilla. Heavy jasmine. The fragrance is just very intense yet feels full and dense. However it lacks that special something. It's a lot of nothing.
25th January 2010
The bottle is absolutely gorgeous but I prefer the original fragrance as this one doesn't work for me; it's too jasmine-heavy on my skin and lacks the delicious opening notes of Pure Poison.
15th November 2008
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