Pure Lavender fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, cardamom
  • Heart

    • sage, lavandin
  • Base

    • patchouli, cashmere woods

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Well two out of three ain't bad, right? I can say that Bright Neroli and Radiant Bergamot are stunners - Radiant Bergamot is a personal favorite that I consider one of my greatest finds. Love it.

Pure Lavender is a fine fragrance with a bright fresh lavender. I just don't get much else out of this. It was a cheap blind buy and due to the calming lavender it makes for a decent, calming, bedtime/sleep fragrance. That doesn't really bring it into thumbs up category and nowhere near the others (I haven't tried Noble Fig). This is a very linear, lavender, scent. I don't make out much else.

Pleasant enough so neutral leaning up vs down.
19th June 2023
The opening is surprisingly good, with a realistic lavender note that I wasn't expecting from this brand. Car brands often have a bad reputation in the fragrance community, although this is changing with some decent releases from Mercedes and Bentley. As Andrewthecologneguy points out, this fragrance doesn't venture into barbershop territory. Instead, it aims to replicate the scent of freshly harvested lavender from the fields, and adds a touch of cardamom and citrus as top notes, as well as a light musk to strengthen the base. It's interesting how low expectations can affect one's perception.
14th March 2022

This is enjoyable.
Ferrari could have gone 'classic' here and presented a barbershop-y shave cologne kinda thing. Thankfully, this is NOT that. Instead it is a sweetened lavender, no sharp edges, every note contributing to this blend its own tune. The patchouli is detectable but not overpowering, same with the citruses. All in all, the jus could easily be a cologne strength flanker of the Mugler A*Men series, featuring lavender. It wears close to the skin unless you overspray.
31st July 2021
Ferrari Pure Lavender is one of the house's many bargain scents and one of a series of great releases in their Essence collection from 2012 to 2016. It's a fairly well-constructed blend of citruses and herbs/spices (cardamom, sage, patchouli) mixed with the signature lavender itself and woods. It leans far more fresh than bassy in even its dry down and is a really good entry-level unisex lavender fragrance that I expect most would find agreeable. It's predictably a little brighter and sharper in the opening but after an hour or two it's a pleasant, well-blended near-skin scent.

It's a modest performer, moderate at best in terms of projection and longevity, but the value is still high due to the price. Available for the fairly low price of $24 and $26 on FragranceX and FragranceNet in the US, respectively, it's hard for me to argue that Pure Lavender is anything but a bargain.

Overall, it's yet another nice offering from Ferrari that is unusually affordable on grey market sites. I didn't warm up to it as quickly as Bright Neroli, Noble Fig, or (especially) Radiant Bergamot, but it's an easy-to-wear winner as well.

7 out of 10
20th May 2019