Pure Honey 
Kim Kardashian (2013)

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Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian

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Pure Honey is a women's perfume launched in 2013 by Kim Kardashian

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Reviews of Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian

There are 2 reviews of Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian.

Like a confident smile of a sweet lady. Pure honey is a lush fragrance inspired by the rich, honeyed sweetness. The honey is very dominant which makes this special. Reminiscent of a wedding bouquet on a warm summer night. Natural honey with white floral and a gentle touch of vanilla makes a super sweet and gourmand scent but in a nice way. Warm, addictive, delicious, buttery, opulent, feminine, irresistible, cuddly and utterly irresistible.

It starts with fressia and mandarin blossom while rose resides at the heart of the fragrance and mingles with nectars of honeysuckle, honey and beeswax for a note of pure femininity. The finishing scent is one of warm musk, sensual vanilla as this mixture evokes the sense of a strong embrace. The honey is captured in the warmest way. Totally if you are looking for a natural, realistic honey you might find Pure Honey elegant suitable for office, wedding and romantic moments or a long walk by the beach.

I was looking for a natural honey scent, and this one was going cheap. This is ok, not offensive but not the fresh beeswax I was hoping for. Pure Honey is more of a rough-hewn white floral with top notes of pure alcohol that dries down to a semi-sweet, slightly fermented honey note. The clunky glass bottle looks so cheaply made, it is shameful. Will perhaps layer this one under other scents.

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