Pure eVe / Pure Virgin 
The Different Company (2011)

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Pure eVe / Pure Virgin by The Different Company

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Pure eVe / Pure Virgin is a shared scent launched in 2011 by The Different Company

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Reviews of Pure eVe / Pure Virgin by The Different Company

There are 3 reviews of Pure eVe / Pure Virgin by The Different Company.

At the Masquerade (detail) by Charles Hermans

Beautiful! It opens with an "hypnotic-poison" like vanilla, but softer (calisson and cedar make this up?). Powdery, sweet, caramelized. It's a gorgeous mix. Then white flowers (with a neroli feel) add to the whole... I felt completely lost with the base notes listed here, but thinking of how they interact, it makes more sense. So well made!

I had always been mesmerised by the Carnation flower. My mother grew them in the garden for as long as I can remember and along with the rose, this is easily my favourite flower. The spice and aroma of the carnation is just the right amount of floral for me. I couldn't see myself wearing it, but I wouldn't hesitate to douse the other half in this.

The opening starts soft and gets louder as this scent progresses. I only tried a little from my sample and it lasted the whole day on my skin. All I can say is that it's a Carnation explosion! Reminds me a bit of Cartier's Baiser Vole, which is equally a carnation-infused scent.

If carnations are your thing, then you are going to love this scent. Surprisingly, the note is not listed, so it could be creating that effect with cloves and other similar spices, but none the less, a fantastic scent!

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