Reviews of Pulp by Byredo

Excellent fruity scent, just excellent, with a bit of mango or tropical fruit vibes in there, really charismatic and unique, natural... After 3 hours, it becomes quite weak, and would warrant a re-application. I'm also quite sure, that the sample I had 9 years ago was much more potent than one I got last month.

Must try, if you're looking for fruit. Back then, it really opened up my eyes to what fragrances could be, if I looked beyond the basic brands available everywhere, so it is special for me that way too.
14th June 2023
I love the opening of this fragrance, but as it progresses, the sour and tart notes become stronger and overpower the other notes. I really want to love this fragrance, but the drydown ruins it for me. Maybe "ruining" is a bit harsh, but it does seem slightly unbalanced towards the end. The fruitiness is awesome, as it has a three-dimensional feel rather than being a generic, feminine-oriented fruity sweetness. The tartness does play a role in making this a unisex scent, but it still leans a bit feminine.

Some people get a rotting fruit smell from this fragrance. I wouldn't go that far, but there's definitely an overripe aspect to it. Performance is solid, so I have no complaints. This is surprisingly potent and strong for a fruity fragrance, so go gentle on the trigger. It's a unique fragrance, and I give it some extra points for that. If you're a fan of unisex or feminine-oriented fragrances, this is a must-try. However, it's definitely not a blind buy, especially considering the high Byredo prices.

I found Paula's Ibiza by Loewe a muted version of Pulp without the tartness. Give that a try if you find Pulp a bit too strong.
14th March 2022


On opening vague blackcurrant I say vague as it quickly is overpowered by the Apple heart note this Apple is similar to what you'd find in Shampoos and other soap products, shortly after the Overripe fig comes into play the mix of apple and fig, verges on smelling like acetone(used in nail polish remover ).
Over time the apple slowly fades to just the fig and the praline(it's just patchouli lol) becomes noticeable adding a slight chocolatey twist over a woody though a tad scratchy base.

The fragrance is A solid ok at best fragrance but the best amongst Byredos catalogue of mediocre smelly water.

You've gotten out of the shower after using your favourite Apple scented shampoo, as you walk out you notice that the figs in the wooden bowl on the table are on the verge of rotting, you decide to do nothing about it.
21st January 2022
Aptly named - a fruity green not sweet but intense presentation. Summer only perhaps? Maybe some spring applications. I do not like it, but I can see why others might enjoy it. Reminds me of the multi-release from Hermes 'Un Jardin' series, Pulp could easily be one of them.
2nd December 2021
Too many fruity notes condensed without space to breathe or articulate their own personality; too acidic, too sweet cloying, too lineal, smells like an air freshener. I notice some shopping malls use Pulp in their ventilation system. More like an aroma-chemical than a perfume.
11th November 2021
To my nose, this smells like a more fruity, and more tropical version of Byerley by PdM. As Pulp dries down into the mid I am met with a fantastic black currant note that one would never expect in the mid of any fragrance. It comes across like a top note, and just adds to the depth of this fragrance.

Unfortunately, it's just not really wearable to me. Although I love fragrances as art, I can't wear them. I like to wear my fragrances as well as collect them, and I feel that owning a bottle of Pulp would just be a waste of money. My suggestion is to get a sample of this somewhere, especially if you like artistic fragrances. This is one of the few more artsy ones that revolves mostly around fruity notes, with a little wood in the dry down. I do believe a lot of effort was put into Pulp, and although I think the price should be much cheaper for what you're getting, you're really paying for the artistry here.

Update: the drydown, although intriguing, kind of smells like rotting fruit and woods, yet I am not disgusted by it.
17th April 2021
I really like this aggressively fruity, heady fragrance. It somehow manages this intense fruitiness without being too sweet, rather erring towards earthiness. However, I haven't experienced the "rotten" aspect that some have. For me, it stays clean on the dry down, just reducing in intensity and maybe losing a bit of that initial tart sharpness.

I've never bought a full bottle because this is something I'd wear only occasionally, most often in the summer (maybe on a day where I wouldn't mind getting stung by a bee, lol.) I've spritzed it on in early spring a few times as well, just to feel that association with the warm weather, but it's definitely not an everyday scent, nor would I wear it if I planned to spend a lot of time inside.

I wouldn't blind buy this. It's not for everyone - if you dislike fruity, citrus/apple scents, stay away! But if you like an intoxicating, unique, earthy fruit scent, find a sample to see how it wears on you before committing to a bottle. At Byredo's price point, you want to make sure before pulling the trigger!
11th March 2021
The ripe, rich and luscious fruitiness, with blackcurrant and recurrent dominating, does its name justice; with a dash of bergamot adding freshness, whilst whiffs of white pepper with cardamom an attempt to balance out the top notes. This attempt does not prevent the fruitiness remaining the core element in the development of this scent right until the end.

Further in into the drydown the fruitiness morphs into a bowl and figs, apples, and hints of coconut milk, with the sweetness being full-on at times, but later a less direct. Towards the ends a nonspecific woodsiness is added, and is an undertone of white florals.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

This summery fruit mocktail interesting in its conception, but suffers from the use of some excessively synthetic ingredients that are a bit too generic in the base particularly. Overall nice but a bit over the top, without managing to convey sufficiently real fruit impressions. 2.75/5.
27th July 2019
Quick wave of fruit on top. Fast moving notes of wood. Dry. Cool. Eventually I smell apple and nutty praline. I could sit and sniff the base of this all day.
12th September 2018
Let me preface this by saying that I adore apple fragrances. My preferred summer scent is See by Chloé mostly because the apple note in See lasts for hours on my skin, even after the rest of the mix has all but disappeared.

Pulp has the same strong apple note as See and has been lingering on me for hours. Pulp's apple is fresher and juicer due to the supporting fruit notes at the top and in its heart (that blackcurrant! *swoon*), but that gorgeous apple...I just can't get enough. The sillage and longevity are top notch which makes this 100% FB-worthy for me (even at Byredo prices...ouch), especially considering that my skin eats most fruity scents for breakfast.

EDIT: Over the last few hours, as the scent slowly fades away, Pulp has been exceptionally clean-smelling. I'm not sure if it's just my skin, but it never turns to rotten fruit as others have experienced. If anything, I'm getting a little more green freshness (maybe this is the peach flower note?) and a teeny tiny bit of wood. Man, I can't wait to get a bottle of this.
29th April 2018
Someone just grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into a bowl filled with a delicious very ripe fruit salad...what this really reminds me of is the compote that my mom and gramma used to brew up...all kinds of fruit cooked in a sweetened/spiced broth with just a splash of wine...i do get a boozy background and the kind of flavoring of spice that brings to mind mulling spices...a strong syrupy fruit intoxicating fruit ambrosia...i get great olfactory pleasure smelling this...only drawback to me is that due to the intensity and power found in this fragrance I find it hard to find the right time, place and temperature to properly wear this...bottom line - boozy spicy fruit bomb...
13th March 2018
This opens as a vine ripened Sindhri, juicy, sweet and balanced citric. Cardamom and Currant counter with a spicy jammy bouquet.
For me there are whispers of a magical Fir Forest in note.
Tropical Floral drifts down through it all and proves to a quite sophisticated presentation and sillage.
Very finely crafted to show as a semi-gourmand.
It's accord is first-rate.
12th March 2018
Byredo pulp, like a beer, a over ripe fruit and beer, hard to explain, not bad, but not like Mmmmm awesome either.
It has a fizzy smell to it that lingers above the actual scent, which is a beer that's been sitting there overnight.
The The food that you settle with between fast food and gourmet, but tastes pretty good, but not exactly what you were hoping for. That's how I feel about this scent.
9th July 2017
Byredo Pulp is one of the most hyped fragrances of the line, perhaps it's most-discussed warm weather fragrance, along with, of course, Bal d'Afrique.

Said to represent the smell of fresh fruit, my own sampling of it today lends credence to its relatively strong reputation. It does smell like fresh fruit, a nod to both the sweetness and tartness that come from the real thing.

That its scent is comprised of several fruits--bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, fig--makes Pulp difficult to pin down, or to limit to being a hyper-sweet, -sour, or -citrus fragrance. Because it is an amalgam of several varying fruits, it's effective at representing many more fruits, perhaps all fruits.

Certainly as pointed out by at least one critic I've heard, Pulp's energy diminishes predictably into its dry down, where it becomes a bit less interesting and less bright, at least to me. Still, the blend is excellent in the dry down, when it takes on woody and musky undertones.

Its performance is decent for a warm weather EDP, probably above average in projection and longevity, but Byredo pricing is right in the area of "if it doesn't add something unique to your collection, don't bother" at the standard pricing of $150 for 50ml, $230 for 100ml. However, it can be argued more easily for Pulp than for most fruity niche offerings that this does achieve something more unique, more special, and at the same time relatively unisex and easy to wear, though it shines most in the summer. One I'll need to explore further but may eventually add to my collection, maybe next summer.

8 out of 10
5th June 2017
The fruit garden...

Before trying this, I didn't know what to expect. I heard things like "rotten fruit" and I wondered if this would be worth even trying at all. I was pleasantly surprised!

What I get from this actually, is almost the smell of (like the name) pulp. Fruit pulp. For me it's Mango pulp, and it's a smell I actually really like. I do also get apple and citrus in there, and some grape etc.

This is one I would recommend to people who like fruit and freshness. I do feel that it is a very cleverly made perfume and one which is composed intelligently. I would recommend it and would advise to try out first in good weather. I think this would be suitable for year round and would say that it is unisex. This is the smell of very ripe fruit up close. But it also has a balance which can only come from a well made perfume. One to try for sure. I thoroughly enjoy it.
6th March 2017
Memories: Broome, Western Australia. Aunties. Mangoes. Pineapple.

Who should wear this: Elle Macpherson. A librarian in Noosa.

Bottom line: $AUD240 for a mango. No way.
4th March 2017
Reminds me of a basket of over-ripe fruit. Great projection and longevity. Wife liked it and said it reminded her of the smell in Vegas casinos (not the smoke) with some coconut.
11th January 2017
If you like the scent of tropical fruit punch, PULP's got your number. Me? I take my fruity drinks in sips, never sprays.
18th July 2016
I like Pulp. I really do.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's an absolutely gorgeous parfum, and a unique and quite individual achievement that justifies both its status as one of the more remarkable fragrances affixed with the elegant Byredo label as well as much of the positive hype it's garnered (if not necessarily the egregious price tag, but then, I'm no chemist, so perhaps it does).

The only problem is, more often than not, in my wearings, Pulp isn't the radiating splendor I remember, and instead I find myself confronted with it's bratty little bitch side. It's easily the most temperamental fragrance I've ever worn.

If the temperature that day isn't just so, it's either *poof* gone without a trace or overbearingly, embarrassingly, ever-present.

A little warm AND humid? Gird yourself for a noxious candied fruit explosion and some dirty looks from co-workers.

Cooler and drier says the weatherperson? You'll drive yourself crazy debating whether you've lost it because you were absolutely certain you'd put something on that morning, but inhaling deeply from all application points reveals no clue as to what.

BUT, when the atmosphere decides to keep her end of the bargain, Pulp is an absolute stunner that almost makes the trials and tribulations worth it. Almost.

Maybe if I lived in a place that's temperate year round with little variance in humidity...

Wait, I already live there.

If I can't make Pulp work in Los Angeles, I can't give a thumbs up to this fragrance that I actually love.

Alternately, find me a place more temperate than Los Angeles (What would that be? Like a vacuum not quite at 100%?), and I'd revel in Pulp's lightly sweet and optimistically green grandeur amongst the stasis of that impossibly boring world.
3rd April 2016
People seem to have very different experiences of pulp. It's my personal favourite from Byredo. It is intensely fruity yes, but there's more to it. Smooth cardamom and a nice dry chocolatey/woody/cherry(?) base that keeps the ripe and slightly sour fruits balanced.

Sillage is fairly poor though, but it's also easy to overspray at which point it becomes annoying. But still a thumbs up from me.
23rd February 2016
Every time I spray Pulp, I spend the first 30 seconds marveling at its ridiculously exaggerated juiciness, and then I notice that it smells like a cheap candle and it won't go away for hours and it's amateurishly strong.

It smells like a "tropical punch"-flavored candy. Sort of pineapple-ish, sort of coconutty. It's vaguely waxy, which is probably cementing the candle association. If your town has a cute little gift shop with little travel candles in tins, there's probably one there that's supposed to smell like papaya or pink lychee or something that smells exactly like this. Meh.
22nd February 2015
Realistic, raw fruit. When I first gave Pulp a sniff from the sample vial, I thought, “raw fruit, a little boring”. But after wearing awhile, I see there's more to it than that. The more I smell Pulp, the more I smell something vegetal, rather than fruity. Pulp actually reminds me of 2 very different fragrances: Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works, which smells exactly like fresh peas in the kitchen (with added sugar, of course), and Piment Brulant by L'Artisan, which smells like a vegetable garden. Yes, despite the listed notes, Pulp also has a slight vegetal smell to me, which keeps it from being too sweet. Maybe this seems odd, but I find this vegetal smell fascinating, even therapeutic. I don't think Pulp smells like rotting fruit, just very RIPE fruit. Overall, I like Pulp, but it seems a bit top-heavy, lacking substantial base notes which would make it a more wearable, well-rounded fragrance.
18th February 2015
I love this fragrance. Citrus, yes...but different...sort of pineapply. A very unique citrus. Longevity amazing. Long-lasting.
14th January 2015
This literally made me sick to my stomach. I don't mind the (very strong) pulpy fruit smell, but there is an underlying scent of chemical bug spray that is just gagging. I cannot stand this. (I like other Byredo scents, Bal D'Afrique in particular.)
21st October 2014