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Pulp by Byredo

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Pulp is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Byredo

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Reviews of Pulp by Byredo

There are 46 reviews of Pulp by Byredo.

I love the opening of this fragrance, but as it progresses, the sour and tart notes become stronger and overpower the other notes. I really want to love this fragrance, but the drydown ruins it for me. Maybe "ruining" is a bit harsh, but it does seem slightly unbalanced towards the end. The fruitiness is awesome, as it has a three-dimensional feel rather than being a generic, feminine-oriented fruity sweetness. The tartness does play a role in making this a unisex scent, but it still leans a bit feminine.

Some people get a rotting fruit smell from this fragrance. I wouldn't go that far, but there's definitely an overripe aspect to it. Performance is solid, so I have no complaints. This is surprisingly potent and strong for a fruity fragrance, so go gentle on the trigger. It's a unique fragrance, and I give it some extra points for that. If you're a fan of unisex or feminine-oriented fragrances, this is a must-try. However, it's definitely not a blind buy, especially considering the high Byredo prices.

I found Paula's Ibiza by Loewe a muted version of Pulp without the tartness. Give that a try if you find Pulp a bit too strong.

On opening vague blackcurrant I say vague as it quickly is overpowered by the Apple heart note this Apple is similar to what you'd find in Shampoos and other soap products, shortly after the Overripe fig comes into play the mix of apple and fig, verges on smelling like acetone(used in nail polish remover ).
Over time the apple slowly fades to just the fig and the praline(it's just patchouli lol) becomes noticeable adding a slight chocolatey twist over a woody though a tad scratchy base.

The fragrance is A solid ok at best fragrance but the best amongst Byredos catalogue of mediocre smelly water.

You've gotten out of the shower after using your favourite Apple scented shampoo, as you walk out you notice that the figs in the wooden bowl on the table are on the verge of rotting, you decide to do nothing about it.

Aptly named - a fruity green not sweet but intense presentation. Summer only perhaps? Maybe some spring applications. I do not like it, but I can see why others might enjoy it. Reminds me of the multi-release from Hermes 'Un Jardin' series, Pulp could easily be one of them.

Too many fruity notes condensed without space to breathe or articulate their own personality; too acidic, too sweet cloying, too lineal, smells like an air freshener. I notice some shopping malls use Pulp in their ventilation system. More like an aroma-chemical than a perfume.

To my nose, this smells like a more fruity, and more tropical version of Byerley by PdM. As Pulp dries down into the mid I am met with a fantastic black currant note that one would never expect in the mid of any fragrance. It comes across like a top note, and just adds to the depth of this fragrance.

Unfortunately, it's just not really wearable to me. Although I love fragrances as art, I can't wear them. I like to wear my fragrances as well as collect them, and I feel that owning a bottle of Pulp would just be a waste of money. My suggestion is to get a sample of this somewhere, especially if you like artistic fragrances. This is one of the few more artsy ones that revolves mostly around fruity notes, with a little wood in the dry down. I do believe a lot of effort was put into Pulp, and although I think the price should be much cheaper for what you're getting, you're really paying for the artistry here.

Update: the drydown, although intriguing, kind of smells like rotting fruit and woods, yet I am not disgusted by it.

I really like this aggressively fruity, heady fragrance. It somehow manages this intense fruitiness without being too sweet, rather erring towards earthiness. However, I haven't experienced the "rotten" aspect that some have. For me, it stays clean on the dry down, just reducing in intensity and maybe losing a bit of that initial tart sharpness.

I've never bought a full bottle because this is something I'd wear only occasionally, most often in the summer (maybe on a day where I wouldn't mind getting stung by a bee, lol.) I've spritzed it on in early spring a few times as well, just to feel that association with the warm weather, but it's definitely not an everyday scent, nor would I wear it if I planned to spend a lot of time inside.

I wouldn't blind buy this. It's not for everyone - if you dislike fruity, citrus/apple scents, stay away! But if you like an intoxicating, unique, earthy fruit scent, find a sample to see how it wears on you before committing to a bottle. At Byredo's price point, you want to make sure before pulling the trigger!

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