Long Lost Perfume (1965)

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Pub by Long Lost Perfume

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Pub is a men's fragrance launched in 1965 by Long Lost Perfume

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Reviews of Pub by Long Lost Perfume

There are 2 reviews of Pub by Long Lost Perfume.

Review of the vintage original Revlon in the brown bottle with the silver-and-black label (not Long Lost Perfume):
The are Colognes whose top notes are so original and unique that they stand out: Aramis Devin ia one of my favourite examples. This is another one: the mixure of lemon, anise liqueur, estragon, lavender and basil, in spite of most of these components being very traditional, is blended so superbly that the result is amazing, unique and very creative. On my skin his is intoxicatingly good. Later a soft oakmoss, sandalwood and patchouli arise, but the amazing topnote lingers and blends in well with the newcomers. Silage and projection are good, but its longevity is truly exceptional: twelve hours of bliss. A wonderful scent for spring.

Love it, wore it all the time! So, where can I get it?

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