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Psychédélique by Jovoy

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Psychédélique is a shared scent launched in 2011 by Jovoy

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Reviews of Psychédélique by Jovoy

There are 24 reviews of Psychédélique by Jovoy.

Patchouli is almost always the star of the show when it's a note in a fragrance, and there is no exception here - it is front and center. But it is surrounded with such a creamy warmth it really works. This is an exceptional fragrance. Here's how I'd describe it:

Imagine a warm patchouli cake, fresh out of the oven, with a lovely cacao/chocolate vibe. Now smother that cake with a rich, creamy vanilla/amber frosting. Voila: Psychedelique.

This is a gourmand, and if someone hugs you while you're wearing it, they will not let go while they inhale you. It is sensual, spicy, warm, creamy, and dreamy. My personal favorite in Jovoy's line so far.

Psychédélique is more than a nostalgic riff on the patchouli accord. It is a warm, cocoa ambery number resonating like a peripheral, hypnotic mantra emanating from a full bodied patchouli blot; one that is freshened up with citrus and floral hints, roused in leathery resins and beautifully coated in a sheen of vanilla musk, rubbing magically against the naturally green camphor facet that unveils a darkly smooth, smoky toffee medicine; a purely seductive, golden eyed and darn right sexy kind. It borrows, it steals, it deepens and merely mutates into its own seamless niche. Simply put, this is a trip worth exploring; one that is a ‘dress you up in my love’ chord that makes one want to ‘kiss the sky’ and ‘turn it on’ or at least, ‘get it on’. Whether one is within the patch soul or beyond, Psychédélique is truly, an exquisitely sensual mist that is sinfully mature, spirited and far from the elegantly wasted heap. Recommended!

Warm spicy and rich as a orange harvest moon on a crisp autumn star filled night.this fragrance is patchouli done right.the personality of the fragrance is a bit gives me vibe like Chanel Coromandel. strong in the opening, woody,earthy and wet in the middle notes,sweet and ambery in the dry down,musky the day afteroriental sensuality and spirituality in a bottle.

It definitely opens with a blast of patchouli.the patch of patchouli is resinous,hippie yet it develops it becomes sweeter and the patch eases up,but never leaves, the scent becomes very ambery, probably due to the presence of labdanum,vanilla and balsam.not as gourmand as angel, but enough sweet to remind you quality chocolates.on a woman's skin it is avant garde and artsy.on a man's skin it is warm masculine and debonair.a deep and warm fragrance you can wear in cold weather and in summer's evenings.

This is crazy good. Jovoy is really turning me into a fanboy. There's a bit of dark heaviness to their scents that it turns out really appeals to me.

This stuff is potent and lasts like crazy. Sure it's hard core patchouli but it's got a heavy duty "chocolate cake" aroma to it and is not sugary or too sweet.

Kind of a dramatic scent but fun too.

Now this is a sensual beauty and one of the best patchouli scents I have smelled. It opens up with a camphorous dusty chocolate like aroma that has a slight medicinal aspect. The pink rose adds that sensuality within this comfort scent that just gets better with vanilla as time goes by. Longevity and projection are stellar.

All in all a great fragrance and a big thumbs up!

Out of the gate it's patchouli, earthy with a raw chocolate edge to it. Not my favorite type of patch and I was wondering if I didn't overspray. However, it quickly mellows into a patchouli, amber, vanilla and musk accord that is safe and sort of pedestrian leaning. I don't get anything citric or floral. It's a nice mellow, mid-sillage scent for most of it's life and doesn't develop any further. Seems very high quality and could be worn all year in most any setting. I like it but not one I have to own, and I've smelled many similar patch centric fragrances that cost much less, like Montale's Patchouli Leaves & Reminiscence. It's attractive and if you like patch, this is one to try. Neutral for me.

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