Psychedelic Love 
Initio (2017)

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Reviews of Psychedelic Love by Initio

There are 3 reviews of Psychedelic Love by Initio.

The boldest parts of femininity. any kind of sexy scent.classy, black power suit sexy,cream power sweet kinda sexy,long trench sexy,red wine in silk pajamas on the couch sexy...and all things sexy. it's a very classy,luxurious floral with a sweetness and booziness that's indulgent without being sickly.creamy,warm, powdery,sultry,addictive, irresistible and carnal.

opens strong from the dries down to a beautiful sexy almost powdery scent.the balmy myrrh sits so quickly and peeks through. the creamy vanilla softens the myrrh,but still,it's smokey that definitely makes a statement.i would say it's a feminine fragrancet.this is a hot and sweaty sultry addictive seductiveness in a bottle.two words-sexy and powerful. performance is great.
Jul 4, 2021

I don't really tend to like Heliotrope, it typically comes off too much like baby powder to me. But, what I know is that enjoy Psychedelic Love, and its chock full of it! It's got this mix of florals and creamy gourmand facets that blend together in an enticing way. It may be a bit too feminine for me personally, but there's no doubt in my mind it's a nice fragrance, would definitely like this on my girlfriend.
Feb 25, 2020

I'm fresh from a blind pass and one of the things I realized is that heliotrope is a mystery to me. Psychedelic Love is helping me over that little stumbling block.

My first impression was sweet gourmand. I feel the rose, but I thought the scent dominated by a caramel vanilla with a lifting benzoin type of penetrating freshness.

What is it really? You can read the notes above as well as I. It's heliotrope, and it's a big whack of heliotrope. Sugared almond vanilla, with rose and myrrh for balance. There's sandalwood in here, and perhaps that's where I'm getting the creaminess. I'm sure sandalwood is really in here, as well as some unlisted aromachemicals that give the sense of lifting freshness--needed, here, to avoid collapse of some heavy note. No perfume pyramid would lie to us!
Dec 4, 2018

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