Provocative Interlude fragrance notes

  • Head

    • fruits
  • Heart

    • mango blossom, orchid, rose
  • Base

    • mahogany, musk, white chocolate

Latest Reviews of Provocative Interlude

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Damn it! I normally don't like EA's own name fragrances, so I'd avoided PROVOCATIVE INTERLUDE until it had been discontinued, only to then pick up a bottle from EvilBay and discover that I absolutely love it…PROVOCCATIVE INTERLUDE is always mentioned as a grown up version of Britney's Fantasy or Thierry Mugler's Angel, so it surprised me with its lightness. I was expecting something stronger & sweeter. PROVOCATIVE INTERLUDE is a mild mix of creamy vanilla, berries and rose on me. I do get the Fantasy references, but the sweet notes lend comforting warmth, minus the sugar rush I was expecting; PROVOCATIVE INTERLUDE knows where to draw the line between pleasantly ‘come closer' sweet and ‘child's first perfume' syrupy sensory overload.I first tested this on one of the hottest days of the year, yet it wasn't sickly or cloying; PROVOCOTIVE INTERLUDE is a fantastic all year round scent with good staying power, at a reasonable price & a gorgeous bottle. I'm going to be haunting EvilBay…Scent notes: Champagne, white berries, guava leaf, sunset orchid, rose petals, mango flower, white chocolate, Cashmere musk and redwood.
4th July 2009
I agree with the gourmand part, it kind of dries down and after 1 hour smells vaguely similar to Pink Sugar.Not my thing, I like gourmand but I am getting bored with it. It's so worth a try if you are into sweet fragrances.
24th October 2007

...the juice – created by Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong – is described as a modern oriental with gourmand accents.The top notes are a blend of Champagne and white berries, highlighted with guava leaf. These lead to a heart of sunset orchid, rose petals and mango flower. The base features a white chocolate accord, teamed with cashmere musk and redwood.I absolutely love this fragrance! One whiff and I was hooked! I'm a big lover of the gourmand/oriental family and this takes the cake! I have the lotion as well, and I love to put it on before I go to bed, the scent is heavenly! I haven't smelled the original Provocative, so I don't know if this is exactly a spin off of it. I do like the architectural bottle though, with the soft purple lacy overlay...very romantic. My husband liked it too, he likes it when I smell like something he could eat! :)
14th November 2006