Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 
MDCI (2006)

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Reviews of Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 by MDCI

There are 15 reviews of Promesse de l'Aube / FK1 by MDCI.

This is charming floral that let me down. I had high hopes for it. It's demure as mentioned by others and has little longevity or silage. I had a sample that was used up in one session lasting less than 2hrs. It disappeared quickly and left me high and dry.

My hair received the majority of the vial and seems to keep it somewhat, but not really. Price is beyond the pale. Shame, it's quite nice.
Sep 22, 2019

A nice mix of citrus - very restrained and ylang-ylang are at the core of the beginning. The ylang-ylang moves into the foreground soon, and leads over into the jasmine, which is the main heart note. All this is nicely done, even if the components are fairly linear and somewhat lack texture.

The subsequent fruity peachy more is pleasant, but I cannot say that it is a particularly vibrant or intensive representative of this note. The woodsy impression that follows on is very generic, as is the tonka that sweetens the latter phases, although it is never overly sweet or cloying on my skin. During the last couple of hours a gentle powderiness is present; this powdery note is bright and not heavy or rich; it is more of a slimmer and lighter powderiness.

I get soft sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

This a very weak scent on me, and the warms days of summer are needed to bring it out satisfactorily. At some stage it is fairly unexciting and boring, at stages pleasant. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. 2.75/5.
Aug 27, 2016

A sort of old-fashioned white floral with some soapy facets and a distinctly fruity-sweetness poking through. It's a bit shampoo-ey at first, and then settles into something a tad bland. A low wattage parallels the reserved nature of the florals, and there's a buttery warmth to it that flickers away in the distance. Everything's in place as it should be, but the scent doesn't inspire me in any capacity. It's an extremely polite (bordering on clinical shyness), sweet and ephemeral thing that sets the clock back by about 50 years or so.
Jun 8, 2015

Promesse de l'Aube is solidly in the classical French abstract perfumery tradition – so much so that you may as well scrap the notes list for how much it will help you get your nose into this one. The two adjectives that come to my mind most are golden (in a yellow, pale, dawn mode, a quality of its dreamy abstraction) and peachy (as in a vintage cosmetics peach with powdery aldehydes to spare). It's a billowing, bright, gauzy creation like a starlet's chiffon scarf fluttering in the breeze in Cannes – but with the bite of something inkily vegetal and a dab of chlorine in its opening hours which goes a bit against the grain. Promesse de l'Aube stands apart from the tides of poor quality, vaguely fruity fragrances that have so denuded perfumery's landscape.
Not quite a marvel – its demure personality is not a positive – but good in a hazily peachy manner. Whether that's enough at this price point, I'm not convinced. I found the late drydown quite undistinguished.
May 29, 2015

Genre: Chypre

Promesse de l'Aube is a sweet, delicate, and exceptionally pretty peach chypre scent that marries classical structure to modern transparency. It's precisely what I imagine Mitsouko would have smelled like when she was a little girl of ten or eleven, before she developed feminine wiles, gained carnal knowledge, and became jaded. As befits so poised a fragrance, projection, sillage, and longevity are all well modulated, and Promesse de l'Aube remains radiantly sweet right through its feather-light vanilla chypre drydown. Writing this description I realize that Promesse de l'Aube is also very close to Aurélien Guichard's Chinatown, though without some of the intentionally dissonant earthy elements that make Chinatown so compellingly odd. Compared to either of these other peach-centered fragrances, Promesse de l'Aube is not only clean, but bland. There is a coy, precious quality about this scent's beauty that evokes a porcelain doll more than a living woman.

Promesse de l'Aube is undeniably beautiful, but its pricing makes the already exorbitant and frankly more distinctive Chinatown look like a bargain at about $200 US for 100 ml. Promesse de l'Aube is nice, but it's not that nice. Granted, the Parfums MDCI bottle is pretty cool, but then Chinatown has a nice bottle, too. And if you're serious about peach in a chypre context, there's always Mitsouko. Even the 1 oz. Mitsouko parfum is far less costly than this Parfums MDCI offering.
Jun 23, 2014

Simply lovely. A fresh, feminine, blended oriental floral that has a slight chypre feel to the top half of it thanks to the tinkly bright bergamot and mandarin top notes, which feel a little green and nicely bitter. No mossiness or overt woodiness in the base, though, so not strictly speaking a chypre, but the top part of this scent does have that classic chypre feel. Taken as a whole, this scent comes off as a classic floral oriental, in the grand old French classical tradition, with perhaps a hint of chypre for added interest in the first movement.

The first hour or so is similar to Enlevement au Serail from the same house, having in common a brightly hesperidic start and a jasmine in the early heart. However, Promesse feels much brighter and "younger" overall. It is less serious, less deep/brooding, and thus perhaps a little less passionate than Enlevement. It is a joyful and optimistic perfume, one to put a smile on your face, with that irresistible citrusy top and jasmine and ylang evoking sunshine. I find I like the first half of this perfume the best. It is beautiful, sunny, joyful, but not facile or giddy in any way - this is very solidly constructed.

The base is less exciting and distinguished than the top notes and heart, and tapers off quite a bit. I sense a tiny bit of sandalwood in the base, which lends a vaguely creamy feel, but that note could have been amped up much more, and I am missing that gorgeous smell of real sandalwood. The tonka and vanilla make it quite sweet, which is not to my personal preference, but I appreciate that the citrus fruits remain all the way through and serve to temper the sweetness of the vanilla and tonka.

However, between this and Enlevement au Serail, I prefer Enlevement by quite a large margin. Why? Enlevement is deeper, more passionate, and lushly dark. It has a complicated, slightly broody presence that I like. Also, although Promesse is very lovely and pretty, it is also a wee bit too safe a floral for me. It has been compared quite a bit to 31 Rue Cambon, and I agree on some points, or perhaps the general feel, but 31 Rue Cambon is drier and more multi-faceted than this, and has more of a chypre feel at the base, which I appreciate. With Promesse, all the loveliness is revealed up front, and at the base, it is quite sweet/creamy/vanillic, and honestly could do with a bit more woodiness or moss to provide heft. But that is a bit nitpicky of me. This is a lovely blended floral oriental that is still streets ahead of most of the florals released on the designer market these days. The quality of the raw materials, you sense, is fabulously high. MDCI is a classicist firm in the grand French tradition, and you can see that here, in the solidly classicist feel of this perfume. But in terms of price per ml? Yikes, way over priced. In this category, I would plump for 31 Rue Cambon over this if voting with my wallet.
May 30, 2014

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