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Blood-orange's excellent review echoes my opinion of Promesse. There's just something special about it that rescues it from fruity-floral obscurity.

My only additional comment would be that it reminds me of a slightly softer, slightly more floral version of Gucci II, a fragrance I wore for a few years as my signature. This one should never have been discontinued!
29th April 2017
Pleasant enough,I bought this at a Thrift store for a few dollars. I gave it to a coworker who loved it . Promesse is/was her holy grail perfume. After she ran through the bottle I found that a pretty identical dupe is on the market . Soft berries, fresh florals ( peonies and roses) and peppery white woods now ( also in a purple bottle ) in the Lancôme line. If you love Promesse by Cacherel then Tresor Midnight Rose might be your new holy grail . Hope this helps!
23rd October 2015

This fragrance is really pretty.

A delicate balance of soft florals and sweet fruits. It's light, sweet and creamy all wrapped into one.

The scent is a little synthetic, however that doesn't bother me. My initial impression of Promesse was a good one, and I'm rather surprised that this fragrance has slipped under the radar.

Although you probably won't find this scent to be overly outstanding or unique, there is something about it which is very appealing. I can't exactly come to a conclusion about what it is that I like about Promesse, but I know for sure that I am impressed.

5th June 2011
Fresh fruity citrus. Very orange and berry flavored but unremarkably dull. Meh.
1st February 2009
The very best of Cacharels perfumes ever, IMHO, actually the only one working on my skin. I might get a bottle in the future...
14th June 2008
Yes it is pinky, yes it is for teens. But I can't stop myself falling in love with this fragrance. From the first second I tried Promesse, I couldn't stop loving it. Finally I bought one for myself but I don't know why but people didn't give the response that I was expecting. May be Promesse is not for my skin, may be it is really standart or it doesn't have lasting power. I don't know the reason. Promesse is sweet, warm and flowery. God, I love this smell, but at some point I felt like I wasted my money on this because no one noticed me! I used it frequently during a vacation with my husband but because I couldn't get the response that I want fro other people, I stopped using it for a while. later, one day I usedit again and my husband was half-sleeping at the time. Later that evening he told me that I smelled real nice that morning and it reminded him that vacation. After that I started to use Promesse occasionally, everytime I feel wonderful, but not enough people recognizes it. I don't know if I should buy Promesse again but I guess I can not stop myself buying it again because at least my husband loves it:)
13th April 2008
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