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Jovoy (2011)

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There are 21 reviews of Private Label by Jovoy.

Not for kids. This one's for ones who seek adventure in when profumum released fumidus Or parfumerie generale bois blond and such.

Smells of intense dried leaf with hints of green left in it. Dry, gritty, dark and warm in its projection. A scent truly meant for the woods..It won't disturb the environment, rather blend with it.

Drydown is almost barnyard like oudh

Not for the faint hearted.. Sample.
Dec 3, 2021

Jovoy Private Label is wonderful. It smells like a field of dried grass in the sun -- tall, wild grass that has gone dormant in shades of tan. The aroma of rustling leaves invites you to sit in the warmth and inhale. A leathery smell appears, as if on the pelt of a visiting animal. Airy smoke is carried on the breeze -- not from a charred campfire, but wisps of cigarettes smelled from a distance. The effect is expansive and diffuse. A bittersweet smell develops that reminds me of walnut hulls ripening on the ground. To me, Private Label is the ambient aroma of the outdoors. It makes me supremely happy to be able to carry it indoors and wear it on my skin.
I've heard of this recommended as a signature scent for bold, confident people. Women say, "It's not for me." Men call it "uber-masculine." So, is it not for women? I disagree! As a woman who loves camping, hiking, and nature, I find this easy to wear. People often don't register that I'm wearing it at all. They think I've been outside and have picked up the aroma of the outdoors. Such fun!
Private Label is not like the pungent oud of some Montale fragrances. Nor is it the burning green twigs of L'Artisan Parfumeur Dzonkha. It smells more like the wafting tobacco of Diptyque Volutes. Some say it smells like asphalt or black leather. Not to me. It's more like natural elements. The last time I felt this outdoorsy thrill was from vintage Caron Yatagan. Possibly Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate. Maybe even Nasomatto Hindu Grass. I also smelled and enjoyed Jovoy Incident Diplomatique, but it is a less complex mix of vetiver and patchouli. Jovoy Private Label is a stand-out, and one of the very few fragrances I have fallen in love with in the post-apocalyptic IFRA-approved era.
Dec 2, 2021

Everyone to their own taste I suppose, but I simply can't stand this stuff. Sharp, grim and dystopian is how I'd describe it, and far from anything natural or pleasant .

Obviously it was intended to smell this way, so it must be appealing to some folks. But I prefer perfumes that with their fragrance, put me in a good mood, and this is certainly not one of them.

But at least it lasts forever.
May 23, 2021

Now this obnoxious fragrances opens with a dirty oily black leathery birch tar accord that smells thoroughly unpleasant. It's woody and gets heavier with the vetiver and patchouli and starts to remind me of some dark medicinal ouds.

After a while it settles into a dark woody earthy oily leather with a black rooty vetiver and it lasts and projects forever.

Not my cup of tea at all!
May 5, 2021

I'm rarely one to care about presentation, but as Man of the World said, JOVOY has really got that covered. Big beefy bottles that make you want to own it, hold it, and spray away. The bottle could be used as a weapon.

PRIVATE LABEL snuck up on me. Not the kind of scent I would ever expect I would like. Strong, earthy, kind of grimy vetiver is what sticks out. Leather and patchouli contribute, but the dirty vetiver dominates to me.

For me, it's kind of a solitary "Covid confinement" kind of scent. I enjoy wearing it around the house, but doubt I would wear in an office, on a date or out socially.

Nothing sweet or inviting in this one. Dark, brooding, austere. Inordinately masculine.

May 3, 2021

I had to wear Private Label for a week to be able to understand it enough to write a review. This is a very well done fragrance, deep, masculine and complex in structure. From the start I get leather, patchouli, an earthy vetiver and hints of cedar wood. The patchouli starts dirty but slowly turns chocolate-like, the leather goes from dark and dry to rich and wine-like. It seems that each note adds texture to the others. There's a oak barrel booze tone underneath through the heart which had me huffing my wrist to get as much as I could of the scent. Dry down is less leather and more patch, vetiver and wood. I loved Private Label but am not certain it's FBW, as I'm unsure of how often I could wear it. Colder weather, evenings perhaps, but I don't feel it's an office scent, a bit too brash perhaps. Deserves a certain Thumbs Up
Feb 23, 2021

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