Montblanc (2001)

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Fresh Oriental scent with an eye catching bottle.

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Reviews of Présence by Montblanc

There are 41 reviews of Présence by Montblanc.

Presence by Montblanc Review

Presence opens up with a blast of spicy cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. This is a pleasant fresh spicy opening. The scent then takes a turn towards being more sweet with a green apple note. The fragrance is held up by a soft tonka bean dry down. It's inoffensive.

This is a great dumb reach fragrance. It could be used for any casual or work situation. It has absolutely no wow factor though. Find something else for dates or formal.

This is the third Montblanc fragrance I've purchased along with Individuel and Legend Intense. Legend Intense is my favorite of the three. As far as smell is concerned, Individuel and Presence are on the same level for me. Individuel has better performance though and seems more mass appealing.

The performance on this one is not great. I go heavy, well for me at least, with 4 to 5 sprays.

Best Age Group- 20+
Best Season(s)- Fall/Spring
Occasions- Casual, Work
Projection/Sillage- Soft
Longevity- 6 Hours
Smell- 7/10
Overall- 6.5/10

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Jul 17, 2021

TonyTheTiger stated " Very fresh then in settles down to a sweet spicy musk". Kaizen1972 " is a nice, sweet oriental fragrance, very reminiscent of Givenchy Pi" Those 2 reviews and the nice price made it a blind buy for me. I like ambery, slightly sweet powdery fragrances. Gourmands are too sweet for me. I have Heritage, Pi, Pasha and this fits right in for me. Thallium was a blind buy that was way too sweet. For the price Presence is hard to beat.....
Apr 27, 2019

Has a great clean smell to it like luxury men's soap. Very fresh then in settles down to a sweet spicy musk. I purchased it for when I want to smell good but don't want to scream "I'm wearing a fragrance" e.g. at work. 1 squirt of this gives me that fresh out of the shower smell.

5* as it was only £24 for 50ml in Debenhams and a bit cheaper online. It's smells way more classy than it's price suggests.
Oct 16, 2017

Not bad at all.

Presence is a nice, sweet oriental fragrance, very reminiscent of Givenchy Pi and a tad like JPG Le Male. Presence does have a simpler, pleasing and laid back quality to it which is a great formulation in itself.

It lasts a long time and stays pleasant.
Mar 17, 2017

A light scent that stays close to the skin. Has a minty, medicinal feel mixed with the cinnamon/apple opening. Quite different from the other Mont Blanc scents, which makes this the least favorite for me but could be excellent for someone who doesn't like the other offerings from Mont Blanc.
Mar 15, 2017

A sweet cinnamon synthetic opening with a slight fruity/herbal middle and a nice musky dry down. I like the opening and dry down... wished the scent lasted longer than 3 hours on me. There is no projection with this scent past the first 30 minutes. At least the juice is available for a great price online and would be nice as a casual scent or something for work.
Aug 2, 2016

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