Préparation Parfumée / L'Original 
Andrée Putman (2001)

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Préparation Parfumée / L'Original by Andrée Putman

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Préparation Parfumée / L'Original is a shared scent launched in 2001 by Andrée Putman

Reviews of Préparation Parfumée / L'Original by Andrée Putman

There are 11 reviews of Préparation Parfumée / L'Original by Andrée Putman.

The best fragrance in the world, love the work of Olivia Giacobetti and this for me is the mother of her best IUNX fragrance like l'Eua que Pique e L'Eau Sento....

Soft and serene The name of a perfume can be evocative, hinting at the treasures awaiting you, or it can be as plain as a gingham apron. But the name usually hints in some way of what's to come (that's what marketing is all about, right?). This fragrance deserved a finer name than it received. I'm not sure I would've given a second look at a frag with such a utilitarian name as this. I'm fortunate that a fellow member here sent me a sample to test.Watery and green is how this scent opens up on me. I thought I was smelling galbanum, but it's water lily. I've never smelled water lily, but this was lush and really appealing. Coriander (the seed, not the greens) came into play soon after and in about one hour the peppercorns came to the fore. The greenness seemed to drop a notch while the slightly odd smell of what they call "driftwood" came into play. Slightly musty and wet. To my nose, it smelled more like the wood that's been submerged in moisture for a long while.I didn't know driftwood had a scent, and if it does, I'm surprised that it would smell like this. As the scent dried down, however, the woody note changed in character and became dry. Water lily reappears. Overall, this is a sheer and feminine fragrance that I'd love to add to my collection.Olivia Giacobetti is the nose behind this fragrance, and I have sampled two of her creations over the past few years. They share a subtle, delicate sort of beauty and charm that won't appeal to everyone. And brava for that. Too soft for most males to find appealing, I think. Sillage is light, longevity about 5-6 hoursPros: Sheer, fresh, light, charmingCons: Longevity could be better"

Preparation Parfumee by Andree Putman - Upon application, one is treated to a mild whirlwind of pepper, with its woody dryness and tinges of salt and citrus. An illusory woodiness, akin to driftwood, with its aged and sun-bleached character, rises up and transitions to the awaiting heart. Here, inspirational coriander leaves infuse the opening blend with their luxuriant greenness and slightly rank facets, somewhat redolent of a foresty undergrowth. A herbaceous, yet woody, melange with a wonderful freshness comes into being. Segueing to the aqueous base, a graceful wave of petrichor, that special smell of earth, caressed by raindrops after a dry spell, releasing its pent-up energy, envelops the brew. A stately water lily, with its stale-wine facet, exerts its presence with its enchanting mix of slight rose floral and watery mud. A mysteriously soothing drydown ensues. Albeit remarkable and enjoyable, this unisex composition remains a skin scent and lacks any meaningful longevity.

Preparation Parfumee does indeed come across as an airy, translucent, close wearing wood fragrance. And it does indeed conjure the olfactory equivalent of what driftwood looks like and feels like. There is a saltiness present that gives the impression of ocean washed wood. The drydown consist of a peppery vetiver that eases the watery impression along until the finish.
It is soft and somewhat short lived, but all of that seems appropriate for this type of fragrance. It is contemplative rather than extroverted. Unisex of course, but I would imagine it would appeal as a masculine for most. I really like it though for times my mood fits it's charms.

Watery and transparent -- too much so for my liking. Opens nice and green, but settles into a "light musky base", which I do not like.

PLease, do not take this comment negatively: this is a watered down Terre d'Hermes. Now, watered down can mean dilute, but here it means light BUT is feels watery (as another reviewer said). This is simple and free of pretentiousness which makes this feel so great to wear. Fresh, peppery vetiver/grassy scent to me. Very nice!

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