Prelude to Love, invitation 
By Kilian (2008)

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Prelude to Love, invitation by By Kilian

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By Kilian
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Prelude to Love, invitation is a shared scent launched in 2008 by By Kilian

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Reviews of Prelude to Love, invitation by By Kilian

There are 19 reviews of Prelude to Love, invitation by By Kilian.

Neroli and orange blossom bring a warm freshness, while the iris gives a chilled dryness to the composition. An interesting contradiction of sensations that works well on sunny or overcast days alike. Certainly pleasant, but not a standout for me against other scents in the same genre.

I'm on the fence about this day I like it , then I try it some other time , and not so much...its a nice citrusy flavored neroli with a dab of pepper/gingery spice...but , I don't really get anything awesome that makes it stick out from the crowd of similar fragrances...sometimes I get a artificial vibe from it...along with that is the poor longevity and projection that pushes it back even further into the crowd...When I find myself yearning for a neroli fix , a very similar fragrance , that I much prefer over this , is Xerjoff Oroville... bottom line - Mediterranean style citrusy flower...

This is a deliciously refreshing summery opening blast, where lemon, bergamot and orange form a gorgeous citrus blast. Superb. Now I am not expecting such a citrus delight to last long, and it does not. An hour or so and then - pouff! It's gone. The drydown is so close to my skin that is is not really noticeable, and I get an overall longevity of an hour to two at best - applied very generously.

Whilst I am willing to take to poor longevity that citrus entails into account, this scent even beats even Hermes' Eau d' Orange Verte in its ephemeral nature! Hence just making it into the positive realm - but two-hourly reapplication might be necessary. 3/5

Genre: Floral

Prelude to Love opens as a very simple herb-seasoned eau de Cologne variant, then dries down quickly to a soft, rooty iris accord that's enlivened ginger and black pepper. The citrus notes smell pleasantly natural, the Mediterranean herbal accents are nicely balanced, and the interplay of iris and spices is clever, but there's nothing here that makes me want to spend $130 US per ounce.

A just-washed, ready-to-face-the-day kind of creation – Turin was right to call it a ‘morning cologne'. Energizing citrus – lovely green toned bergamot and lemon peel to the fore, followed by dabs of neroli – it feels and stays natural which is an accomplishment in this category. A short while in, the iris surfaces but it remains a gentle presence, not weighing down the light mood. Wide eyed and innocent, Prelude to Love must remain just a prelude to the rather risky business of love itself. Nice work and a perfume well-suited to the office environment.

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