Prairie Nymph fragrance notes

    • honey, bee wax, carnations, clementines, musk

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Smell Bent is one of the few houses that I think is really, truly original. While most perfumes copy or slightly alter existing formulas, Smell Bent creates his own language. Of course, anyone could mix seemingly uncomplimentary ingredients and call it original, but Smell Bent manages to do it with a deftness that presents original ideas in a way that is fully thought out and make sense as a proper perfume.

So what does Prarie Nymph smell like? It's got a lot of 60's/70's "sexy" musk, but mixed with bright, sparkly sweet citrus. There's honey flavoring the musk, but it actually comes out smelling vaguely like chocolate, so the end result is a mix of Yoohoo chocolate drink, but sparkly, with sweet mandarins on top.

It's strange, in the sense that it doesn't smell common, but Smell Bent is good enough to make sure it feels completely wearable. In the end, I'm not much of a musk fan, so I'm voting neutral as a matter of personal taste, but this is definitely worth a sniff.
15th July 2015