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Puigs first 'official' fragrance for Italian house, Prada. (four limited ediition scents were launched earlier in the year). Contained in a plum rectangular bottle with the Prada logo engraved in grey.

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Reviews of Prada (new) by Prada

There are 46 reviews of Prada (new) by Prada.

A wonderful show of amber with it's Intensely warm heart runs through the core of PRADA by PRADA!this one is not too sweet,not too floral but definitely spicy and oriental. in other words heavy, attractive,warm,hypnotic,woody, luminous and feminine.

It has a Sharp smell at the top notes and then the amber notes comes and makes a great balance.generally amber is quite prominent.this composition makes a original elixir as the scent is sensational.

PRADA is Excellnet for makes an imperession but it is not for everyone. I recommend this scent to a Lady (30/50 years old) who just wants to smell classy or she wants to seduce a special person sense of smell.great for special evenings at winter weather.

There are citrus-bergamot with some floral components in the beginning, and floral notes, mainly rose on my skin, in the drydown, but it is amber that drives and is the soul of this fragrance. Benzoin present later, tonka adds sweetness in the second half, and towards the end patchouli with a sandal background round it off. Overall not bad, but a bit unexciting, synthetic and flat overall. Adequate sillage and good projection with six hours of longevity. 2.5/5

Prada is an extremely unusual fragrance. I certainly did not expect something like this from a popular and mainstream brand.

Prada is intense, spicy, rich, crisp and woodsy.

The fragrance opens with sharp woods and subtle hints of citrus. It immediately reminds me of the scent of freshly polished rosewood furniture.

The heart of this scent is somewhat crisp and fresh, yet the amber and spices balance this fragrance out nicely and add a delightful warmth. It also tends to have a grassy-like/damp forest finish which although odd is strangely appealing.

I'll agree that the amber and patchouli are particularly dominant in this fragrance, however the green notes and the honey soften the scent.

I wouldn't recommend this fragrance to overly feminine women, to me this isn't your typical flowery or sweet fragrance. A woman who wears Prada is edgy, confident and strong.

I find some similarities between this fragrance and Euphoria by Calvin Klein, however Prada lacks the sweetness of Euphoria and is much stronger in both sillage and lasting power.

I recommend that you try Prada if you're searching for a fragrance that is original, refined, classy, spicy/woodsy yet modern.

This has a milk and honey kind of a scent i find this very impressive since
i'm not a fan of honey and milk notes
but i really like this. Like rain soaked
Patchouli in a early morning dew with gentil wispers of Oakmoss and willow
then you smell the sweet scent of honey
buzzing around your nose when you first
apply it to your skin you smell a fleeting fruit note then it turns musky
milky and honey. but the drydown doe'snt
last eather consists of fiery sandalwood
and benzoin sweet amber and patches of musk.

Ok i only tried two Prada brands this
and Infusion d'Iris prada has a talent
for using natural ingredients in their
perfumes never synthtic just stright
Florals Woods Reisens e.t.c it has a refinedness that is a rarity in today's
perfumery a maturity that can't not
be compared to the others.

I'll start by saying that this fragrance has moderate sillage and very good staying power.Most oriental scents are warm and inviting; not so with Prada, it is sophisticated and classy but also cold and stand -offish (if that's a word). It calmly states that "you can admire me but from afar - and never touch me" while other orientals such as Organza Indecence urge "hold me closer and kiss me tenderly". i would recommend wearing Prada to a business meeting.

This is my signature fragrance, first discovered when I was blindly testing fragrances when I was 18, in Dillard's. It stood out to me by not being another one of the sickly sweet, overpowering fragrances the girls I worked with in the mall always wore; the vanilla stands out to me, reminding me of my mother, a pastry chef, baking in our kitchen when I was younger, and is anchored from being sickly by the rose (or so I believe), turning into something feminine rather than childish. I don't have the typical aborrence of patchouli; I don't like it in pure incense form, but for some reason it comes out as a lightly floral on my skin, which I haven't been told is bothersome. I imagine that the labdanum, which I'm finding that I rather enjoy, helps steer the patchouli away from being atrocious.The citrus is lost on me; I've never particularly noticed it in the bottle or on my skin, but that's my nose, not the perfume, I suspect.The staying power is long lasting, and according to my boyfriend, the scent is very strong when first sprayed on. But, smelling my wrist right now, it's a sweet, clean, mellow fragrance that I will always adore.

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