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Prada L’homme is one of the few fragrances worth growing older for. Yes, it is unequivocally for the established, successful sir. But let’s hear less tosh about it being an ‘office scent’. A 3-star Michelin restaurant (or as another reviewer has suggested, a 5-star hotel) is more its natural habitat, such is its capacity for creating an ambience of opulent luxuriousness. For lovers of iris/amber (and floral notes in general), this is a must have. There is a lot going on, pleasantly enough, in that opening, but its real joy erupts in the iris, violet and geranium that sail out in the dry down. All of this is pinned down in masculine territory by lurking amber and sandalwood. A triumph of blending from Daniela Andrier. Wear it to the office if you must, but that seems a terrible way to treat one of the great aristocrats of the fragrance world.
Longevity on me is about 6 very self-indulgent hours, though others find fewer to be the case.
Rumours of its demise abound, so I am buying it up wherever I find it.
20th March 2023
I had extremely high hopes for this one, coming from Infusion D'Homme which was one of my favorite scents, and also being a huge fan of Iris in men's fragrances, a la Dior etc.

I waited awhile to try this one, and boy am I glad I got the smaller 10ml travel spray size!

The opening reminds me of Dior Homme Eau for Men which I already have, and rarely wear. It's not identical, but it's similar enough to warrant a mention.

The rest of the scent is just okay, I guess...but it's very fleeting, it really lacks depth -- and after an hour it's basically a skin scent.

For those thinking the newer Made in Italy batch is different or weaker, I've got the Antonio Puig one made in Spain, and yeah, it's not great.

I'm so glad I didn't buy a full bottle of this and I almost hope that it gets discontinued and replaced with something better.

Was really hoping this would be an Iris based scent to rival the original Dior Homme or DHI, but unfortunately it just didn't work out that way.

Neutral rating because it's not terrible, just not what I was hoping for.
21st September 2022

Attractive clean scent, but after 20 minutes it has almost faded to nothing and at 45 mins there's nothing left.
22nd July 2021
Blind bought this after listening to a considerable amount of video reviews and noticing that something ridiculous along the lines of 20% of male users on Fragrantica have this frag on top of their avatar.

Well, I think the reviewer who said it smells like the lobby of a 5 star hotel coined it quite accurately...and beautifully.

This is a powdery, quite floral scent that smells like what you'd want to spray on a nice suit fresh off the dry cleaners.

It's a linear scent, with the first 5 minutes or so not being my favourite, but the whole thing drying down quite smoothly and very nicely. I may be used to other fragrances that I don't want to overspray, because I thought the projection was relatively weak. For the record, I only used one spray, so I'll need to see how two or three (yikes!) perform. That may also improve the longevity, I assume. One spray will not get you far in terms of projection and longevity, perhaps I need to be a little less gunshy on the atomizer. I've been wearing Carlisle and Percival as of late, and one spray of either is really sufficient (both are eau de parfum).

Anyway, I'd describe Prada L'homme as an clean, highly pleasant, elegant scent that is definitely inoffensive, and which, as mentioned by so many before me, feels like it would be most perfectly worn in an office environment.

I am happy about this addition to my collection, as I usually work in an office, although the current circumstances led to telework for the last few months.

This does not crack my top 5 and it is not signature fragrance worthy as far as I am concerned, but I really like it and have a feeling that, going forward, I will cultivate some serious love toward this, especially when things go back to normal and I return to the office. A friend of mine who collects fragrances also told me that this is the one he gets the most compliments for from the ladies. I have no trouble to imagine that this is a compliment getter. Quite eager to find out!
11th May 2021
Very complex smell, defiently not a blind buy fragrance.

For me i found it very nice in the beginning, and i was sure im defiently buying this, loved the opening and had big hopes for the drydown.

The problem was after 15min or so, it just got more and more "gasoline" smell, kinda like fahrenheit, but mutch stronger here...feelt nauseous after awhile, not sure what note gets that smell, but for me i cant stand it, i get the same feeling from fahrenheit, come to think of it, i think i did throw up first time as a teen stealing my fathers fahrenheit and spraying it on (heavily thou...)

I know fahrenheit is loved out there, so if you like that you probably will like this one also, its defiently in my nose more complex and better, fahrenheit beeing more "clean" smell.

But i will say, besides that note that im not sure what is(the gasoline note for lack of more professional expression) it did have a very complex and interessting smell, to bad i cant stand that one note, if you know what one, you can gladely PM me so i know what to not bother testing in future, because me and ...dont get along..
29th April 2021
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