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Prada (2019)

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Prada Candy Night by Prada

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Prada Candy Night is a women's perfume launched in 2019 by Prada

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Reviews of Prada Candy Night by Prada

There are 3 reviews of Prada Candy Night by Prada.

Not as sugary as original Candy, in my opinion.
Turns into a chocolate / vanilla bowl of ice cream.
Gentle base that sits close to the skin.
My husband really enjoys this one. He doesn't impress easily.

Such an original one. A lot of dark, bitter, earthy chocolate. And then some iris. So different from the original and other flankers.

I find this one to be charming and a little quirky.

If your reference for a gourmand is Angel (I wear Muse on occasion) Candy Night is very, very airy and dry by comparison. I am taken with its melding of a modern sweet frag with the powdery iris and bitter herbal undertones my nose associates with an older Guerlain. It doesn't smell LIKE a Guerlain, yet those notes are my hook into enjoying it as something a little novel and personal.

I am actually anosmic to the original Prada Candy apart from a pale memory of benzoin, so my experience is that the performance of Night is much better! Will last all day as a skin scent.

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