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Prada Candy is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Prada

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There are 40 reviews of Prada Candy by Prada.

A sweet, minimalist fragrance. I smell a 70's musk undercurrent. Just the right amount of benzoin. The caramel note is not as over-bearing as I thought it would be. Prada Candy isn't bad at all, really. I didn't expect to like it. I imagined it would be tooth-ache sweet and well, it just isn't.

Not too loud, sweet, or dark - it would make a fine gift for a favorite loved one who enjoys perfume but, who isn't a total frag-head like most of us here. It is just right, for a night on the town, too. Big thumb's up for a designer perfume.

I like how this fragrance lives up to what I expected when smelling something named "candy" but it's not so literal of an interpretation that a single note is all that you get. (like Pink Sugar). I detect the caramel most strongly but there is a nice addition of benzoin which gives it the powdery dry down. The musk is blended so seamlessly that it doesn't even seem to stand out but it just adds something to the composition that keeps the saccharine sweetness at bay, as benzoin is also a resin sweetness that can make something smell a little like powdery maple syrup if overdone. Musk and benzoin together make a low key powder + woods combo which added to the caramel makes it more interesting and still recognizably sweet, but with a little something extra.

It is somewhat linear in terms of development, but the scent is never overpowering or "too much" at any stage of wear so I do not mind. Sillage is more close to the skin for me, and that is probably due to the musk, but sometimes I like keeping my fragrance close to me and more intimate, which is what someone who considers gourmand/sweet scents a "guilty pleasure" might be happy to hear. This one will give whisps of a sweet scent trail but it doesn't just stick to you in a heavy cloud which allows you to not constantly smell yourself and get tired of the scent. Longevity is all day for me, 6-8 hours, which is about what I would expect from a standard designer scent release. I usually only apply about 2-3 sprays.

I can't remember if this is an Eau de Parfum of Eau de Toilette and my bottle is not close by to check but regardless I think this is a nice quality scent for someone who likes sweet scents but wants a little more depth to it than just straight vanilla extract or burnt sugar. I've never regretted applying this once it's on, and also is very easy to layer with.

I recommend anyone to test this scent on their skin but it won't be for everyone. It's a very middle of the road sweet scent so if you find youself on the extreme ends of the spectrum in your gourmand obsession or you just don't like sweet scents at all, you will not enjoy this one. If you can appreciate sweet scents with more going on beneath the surface, give it a try.

I get fruit before caramel. Despite this note, I'd name it a light (only) gourmand. The opening is very alcoholic and clean musky, with a bit of flower as well. The projection could be better.

If you've ever been to Main Street in Disney World there is a little candy shop where they hand dip caramel apples for sale. Prada's Candy zooms me right back to my childhood staring at the hand dipped caramel Mouse-shaped apples. Prada's Candy perfectly meshed together Kraft Caramel squares with a British toffee sauce into one cute bottle.

Burnt sugar and milk together, with a hint of the musk to wrap it together.

Problem is, I don't want to smell like caramel and toffee all day. Some do, I get that. Simplistic gourmand, singular scent done well.

When I first sprayed it on the paper, it smelt litterally nothing at all. Then I tried on my skin, same effect, nothing. I walked out of store disappointed and sniffed the wrist on my way home, that's when the yummy caramel starts show its charm.

It's creamy, smells almost pure caramel, slightly salty and sour to balance the sweetness. It's straight and doesn't evolve much, not sophiscated that's sure, but very efficient. It's a cheerful scent for autumn and winter. It lasts 8h+ on me and the sillage is not bad. If you're a fan for caramel, you really should give it a try, and be a little bit patient to well savour it.

I thought the bottle was tacky and the campaign looked silly. But after testing the perfume my mind changed completely. It's such a playful illustration for the perfume.

Originally written in 2013

As a girl who is quite obsessed with sugary sweets and products that show off my femininity, I knew I had to try Prada Candy. The name and the packaging seemed right up my alley, so I decided to give it a go.

I used the little rollerball sample you can find at the department store and walked around for a bit, letting it settle in. The scent is exactly how you'd think a perfume called Candy should smell like: cotton-candy/caramel-y/sugary sweetness. It's not sickeningly sweet or cloying in the least. Combined with a little bit of musk, it gives it a nice note of warmth to balance it out.

As much as I'm in love with this product, it simply doesn't have impressive longevity. Once I roll it on, in multiple pulse points I might add, it only stays for a couple of hours. However, I recently bought a full-sized bottle, and though I doubt it'll make much of a difference, I'll see how it does when it is distributed in spray form, on my skin and on my clothes. With just the rollerball, I find myself having to reapply often.

However, considering this is one of the few perfumes that I truly love (a lot of perfumes are much too heavily scented for me and make me feel nauseous), the light, sugary scent of this is worth it. If you don't mind the hassle of reapplying, this really is a perfume worth looking into.

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