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Montale (2005)

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Powder Flowers by Montale

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Powder Flowers is a women's perfume launched in 2005 by Montale

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Reviews of Powder Flowers by Montale

There are 11 reviews of Powder Flowers by Montale.

Montale promised two of the things I love in the name of this perfume – and delivered them in an unexpected way. This has nothing of the cool shimmer of something like Teint de Neige or the abstracted rosy bliss of another powder bomb, Ombre Rose L' Original. Missing here are the fresher aspects of both those perfumes; instead Montale's powder is a fairly thick tonka-vanilla combo and the florals, though soft and sweet, are untouched by the lift of, say, a light green note or the sparkle of an aldehyde. The addition of a powerful cedar aspect in the mix gives this particular powder quite a defined personality – sharp and warm. It's the first time I've had my powder served heated up and it takes some getting used to. All that being said, I found it decent but far short of thrilling; the florals were the main let-down, basic and smelling of pink cream soap.

Powder Flowers is an unfortunate pairing to my nose. There is a lightly sweet floral accord and softness from tonka that seems quite nice. There is another note that dominates my experience of the top and heart--it strikes me as strident, sharp, and urinous. I suppose this is Atlas Cedar. Truly an unhappy couple--feminine powder and old urine.

I thought about scrubbing but I just pulled down my sleeves and went for the ride. Kinda forgot about it until I kept get unpleasant whiffs of something...was it hairspray? Was it nasty scented deodorant? Honestly and for true, I caught this stink about half dozen times and dismissed it before I thought...omg, this is Powder Flowers in dry down.

So bad I decided to review and comment--and then laughed when I saw "the nose knows" wrote about a gentle whiff of bug spray in the dry down. If I could give it two thumbs down, I would.

(Disclaimer: this is my first ever review here, although I'm a smell hoarder and have been stocking basenotes and its generous posters for years. So please bear with me as I'll try to add my humble impressions to the collective wisdom.)

The notes: aldehydes, (wet) powder, a little hand-of-Buddha citrus, garden flowers (mostly sweet pea and honeysuckle, then iris and acacia tree flowers), spun sugar, a bit of vanilla, rose, almond.

The image: vacation sheets in the static-hot-quiet morning on a Greek island, when the sun is already burning, the village is deserted and the church bells toll. Romantic, safe, feminine, soft, atemporal.

The chemistry: on me, this quickly becomes a soft rose, the kind used in Eastern Europe to make a delicate-but-fragrant petal jam. Everything else mingles in a sweet horizontal background to support it.

The weird: right before it dissipates entirely, I get a gentle whiff of bug spray.

The power: 15-30m. To my despair, my bottle's projection is VERY weak, and the whole thing disappears with no trace from both skin and clothes before I get to even blink. Too, too, too bad.

It is an everlasting love of mine! Something i don't even need to wear! I just like to keep it for myself, for my linens, and to sniff the wonderful soft warmth it always projects so intensive and yet so powdery, it truly reminds you of your first years, of baby powder, but a fabulous baby powder,of mystic proportions! The flower's notes are mixed with an extreme knowledge and they are always so wonderfully right and never cloying, but just romantically mysterious! This is not a fragrance for me! It is more of a sensation, a mood, a poem!

Keiko Mecheri's LOUKHOUM meets Chanel's NO.5! Aldehydic almond powder with a sheer floral backround, that's about the best description I can give! I have also tried Sweet Oriental Dream from Montale and find Powder Flowers more wearable, not overly sweet.

I like this scent very much. Powder Flowers starts off for me very much like Chanel No 5 - a little "perfumey" blast of aldehydes, citrus and powder notes. As the top dries off, it gains a wonderful soft, lightly floral, woodsy, powdery sophistication. The lasting power is excellent and the sillage is good too. If you have ever smelled Lorenzo Villoresi Tient de Niege, Fragonard Grain de Soliel, or Estee Lauder PC Amber Ylang Ylang, and liked any of these, Powder Flowers certainly fits this type of fragrance group – soft, powdery, heliotrope/vanilla. What surprised me most, and what made me like it best, was that in gaining a powdery softness that almost renders it a comfort fragrance, it still maintains a bit of aldehydic sophistication. I believe this comes from a very judicious use of some woods/incense in the base that prevents it from becoming too cloying. I highly recommend it for powder/aldehyde lovers, or anyone who wants to wear an excellent sophisticated and soft fragrance.

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