Pourpre d'Automne 
Violet (2018)

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Pourpre d'Automne by Violet

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Pourpre d'Automne is a shared scent launched in 2018 by Violet

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Reviews of Pourpre d'Automne by Violet

There are 3 reviews of Pourpre d'Automne by Violet.

I have been looking for my perfect lipstick scent which for me is a perfect blend of iris, violet and rose - Pourpre d'Automne is that perfume. Most lipstick themed fragrances come across as too "in my face loud" and most are too sweet. This scent is a constant "delicate whisper" of aroma with just enough sillage for me to get lovely wafts of scent throughout the wearing. But, what made me find instant love with this perfume was it's not just a lipstick scent there's a wonderful warmness to the iris with the hints of plum and the earthy moss and that it evolves and transitions throughout the wearing.

GimmeGreen's "lipstick perfume done right" is right on point, as everything before and after (or is it above and below?) seems intended to support the lipstick-y iris in the heart. It's a warm iris–a neat trick with the notoriously cool, rooty floral. Quite lovely, and my iris-loving wife gave it a thumbs up, as do I.

A lipstick perfume done right – all the chalky, waxy, soft sweetness in a light and easy to wear creation. For me there are three main elements to Pourpre d'Automne held in elegant harmony – a softly powdered and gently diffusive violet at the forefront, backed by smooth and fatty iris to tease out that olfactory memory of lipsticks of a bygone age, and a judicious does of red rose in the heart giving a little something more until it fades out again. There are many perfumes in this vein by now – and they usually feature iris and/or violet. And while Pourpre makes a better stab at it than most in the early stages, by the drydown it gets denser and somewhat rooty, losing its advantage.

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