Pour Une Femme Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, orange blossom
  • Heart

    • centifolia rose, benzoin
  • Base

    • amber, incense, vetiver

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Parfum review...This is gorgeous stuff! a spicy rose with an orange incense kick. The orange is both floral (orange blossom), juicy/tart, and bitter - like orange zest. The spice is a bit like an orange pomander stuck with cloves and the Caron nutmeg, but it is subtle. This seems like it would be best in cold weather. I wonder if there is a difference between the parfum concentration and EdT or EdP, based on the reviews. The parfum is fabulous. I have not tried the other concentrations. And the bottle is a work of art!
5th October 2022
A nose that falls for Pour Une Femme is a special nose indeed.a neck that wears Pour Une Femme de is that uncommon neck indeed.a longed for neck and an astute nose is an uncommon pair indeed.it is a mature, adult woman's fragrance.the perfect balance of warm, sweet,and spicy,but not a smokey raw type of spicy like Tabu.another cult classic that must be tried in all types of weather,but certainly the colder weather brings out the best of it.

From the start,this is an blast of amber, citrus and spices.the chypre component added a touch of dryness so that the effect is sophisticated and sexy without being cloying.not so much florals to my nose,perhaps a smooth smokey rose.i love the dry down,ambery,warm soft spices envelop the wood,incense.this amber is exquisite,somehow so much deeper and more ancient than modern amber.there is such an intermingling of sweet and sour spices for me with this perfume.as the weather cools,it seems to be working better and better on skin.it has excellent performance.
30th October 2021

While I still prefer the original, I find that now I also love the newer version of Caron Pour Une Femme. Rose, honeyed amber, incense... This remains one of my cold weather favorites.
25th December 2019
A blend of rose, frankincense, amber and benjamin. To my nose a it is pretty straight forward rose and incense on the darker side and lovely in cooler weather. I would put it in the same family as Fendi Asja for anyone looking for a replacement.
1st April 2015
This reformulation is a pale copy of the original.

This is a sweet light chypre with very little floral interest ( a melange of orange blossom and mandarin on a base of amber, musk, vetiver and sandalwood). It quickly morphs into a dry, peppery rose - think a light version of Perles de Lalique - and there it stays.

Unremarkable, highly unoriginal, and despite a gorgeous bottle, a major disappointment, considering their POUR UNE HOMME is a masterpiece of simplicity and a classic.
30th April 2013
The topnotes are orangey, with maybe some orange flower in there to give it that sharp sweetness, but eventually you are faced with rose. Rose, rose, rose and incense, with a sort of ambery goodness draping itself over the whole thing. Would suit a cold evening best.
12th March 2013
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