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Caron (2014)

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Pour Un Homme Millésime 2014 by Caron

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Reviews of Pour Un Homme Millésime 2014 by Caron

If Pour un Homme is vinyl, this is a digital remix. It's the same lavender - amber riff but here the lavender is sparkly and sour, the amber lighter and sweeter.

The centre of gravity is near the top, which makes 2014 more vibrant and modern, but it's also front loaded and shallow.

The original Pour un Homme is all about how caramelic lavender interacts with vanillary amber. By contrast, 2014 is a showcase for sparkly lavender, which happens to be set on a perfunctory vanillin.

The brightness of 2014 can make the original feel dowdy, but when 2014 runs out of steam - which isn't long - and the simple, sweet and rather feminine drydown takes hold, the original version is still weaving its magic.

Where Pour un Homme was simple genius, this is just simplistic.
It has the fault of many perfumes these days, it aims for a quick hit and keeps nothing for the follow through.

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