Pour Un Homme Le Soir 
Caron (2022)

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Pour Un Homme Le Soir by Caron

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Pour Un Homme Le Soir is a men's fragrance launched in 2022 by Caron

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Reviews of Pour Un Homme Le Soir by Caron

There are 1 reviews of Pour Un Homme Le Soir by Caron.

Caron Dips Its Little Toe In The Iris Craze

Pour Un Homme De Caron Le Soir has absolutely nothing to do with the original Pour Un Homme but instead of giving it a new brand, Caron leverages a well-known brand name (Pour Un Homme) to grab attention. Apparently Bulgarian Lavender was bred with no scent. And the initial iris accord diminishes within minutes.

Is it good? It's ok. Not terrible. Not great. The composition is derivative. And, like Caron's other attempt to piggy back on the PUH brand - Pour Un Homme Le Matin, this offering is pathetically weak with no sillage or longevity.

I get it. Recapturing relevance in a millennial-dominated market is a real challenge for an old brand like Caron and I can't fault them for trying. And who knows? Maybe it will work. But I doubt it. A 30-something isn't going to impress anyone with this fragrance and he knows it.

Both of these new offerings under the PUH moniker are bland, inoffensive if not unpleasant. They won't cause comments or complaints. Maybe speculate on their eventual failure and disappearance?

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