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Caron (1934)

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Reviews of Pour Un Homme by Caron

There are 159 reviews of Pour Un Homme by Caron.

I have been wearing Pour un Homme de Caron in one form or another for almost 50 years: All through the 70's and 80's, Caron made the complimentary "necessaires de toilette" that were offered to passengers on Air France flights: Men got Pour un Homme, and the ladies initially got "Bellodgia" then later they changed it to "Eau de Caron." The men's version contained two glass flacons and a small bar of soap encased in a heavy clam shell carrier. My inaugural introduction to Pour un Homme occurred while submitting helplessly to severe trouble after having excused myself to visit the loo, always a fun experience when you are on a jet, and you are 5, to empty an entire flacon over my head then emerge screaming that it had burned my eyes, also handily perfuming the entire cabin just for everyone's pleasure. Having traveled back and forth from France constantly (Paris-NY, then later Paris-LA) I collected whole drawers full of these flacons and soaps, considering them like precious cargo. I was a dapper smelling 7 year old: Perfectly groomed in my little navy suit with the white pearl buttons, and matching hat. It stood to reason, and was perfectly logical, that Pour Un Homme would stay with me. I considered it a precious "perfume," when my mother would send me huge bottles of Eau du Coq or Eau Impériale during times I was off at school. A tiny splash of Pour un Homme layered atop these maintained my now famous aura of fragrant perfection. As I grew up, I toyed with other things. Jicky, then, when the Guerlain boutiques finally began selling it to the public, Mouchoir de Monsieur, became my signatures, and they remain so to this day, only, they are almost always augmented by a bit of Pour un Homme: Caron now even make a fragrant hand sanitizer for these barbaric times of plaque. In the winter months, when the world turns frozen, I have taken to using first finger dabs of "Impact," and now strategic puffs of "Parfum" both of which I find comforting. These intense versions do something the Eau de Toilette doesn't, as their base notes are increased dramatically, and the strength of their vanilla and musk foundations are far more noticeable, though "Impact" is more gluey. Each version of Pour Un Homme is indeed different, "Impacte" being the most noticeably altered: It has so much coumarin in it that it truly does smell like glue, or, as most Americans will define this note, "Play-Dough." The newer version, aptly called "parfum" is simply deeper, more velvety and in many ways more suave and sensual. It is for use exclusively in cold climates, and in those cold climates, during times the world is frozen: There is nothing more delicate and comforting than the effluvia of Pour Un Homme Parfum lingering endlessly on a scarf, or, more seductively, on the rolled part of a roll neck cashmere jumper. Pour un Homme in any strength requires a certain amount of confidence to carry, though it is simple, it presents a gravitas that not many mens scents might match. There are few things that have remained as they were for all of the long years of our lives, but I might confidently attest that this menu of refined indulgences is one of them. Approach with caution, but if you dare, indulge with abandon. Life is short. Savor every moment.
Nov 29, 2021

Pour Un Homme De Caron is a timeless aromatic fougere for men. It's powdery blend of vanilla and lavender is still very relevant and wearable today, some 87 years after the release of this well known classic. The brief note of oakmoss in the opening is what reveals this as a vintage fragrance to my nose. The oakmoss gives Pour Un Homme De Caron an old-school barbershop feel as the fragrance opens. But not a loud, masculine barbershop scent like those of the 70s and 80s, more of an elegant European gent. Think of a 1950s accountant, cardiologist or history professor; old school, masculine, confident, refined and unassuming. Of course the tonka, vanilla and lavender are right there is the opening and persist throughout the longevity as the main notes. It's just that these main notes seem to be tempered by different background notes throughout the trajectory of the scent. This is very subtle yet makes for an interesting journey.
As the fragrance settles on my skin there is a slightly earthy accord when I really concentrate on it, and I think that may come from a possible play between the rosewood and the clary sage. As the fragrance dries down the vanilla and lavender continue to shine on the skin but the background note becomes more floral as some rose comes through. Pour Un Homme De Caron has a slightly grandaddy opening but the dry-down is definitely something a younger man can wear, especially in professional or relaxed casual settings. Longevity is very good for me, it lasts a good 8 hours on my skin on a mild day with moderate projection. Pour Un Homme De Caron is a very good fragrance that still remains very wearable and welcome in my collection.
Nov 13, 2021

I picked up a decant of this. I'm just getting into my fragrances in a big way and obviously this is a classic so I really wanted to love it but it just wasn't for me. I found the opening hour just to be an overwhelming lavender soap smell, mixed with ginger? Once it settled, it was a bit better and actually by the drydown, it started to remind me of Sartorial.
Feb 19, 2021

This harmonious dance from 1934, begins with a sour, metallic screech that stems from a richly, sharp lavender being polished up by a rosemary, bergamot and lemon underbelly, sending this lavender knight towards a bare, floral heart that skips a wooden beat in anticipation of an oncoming brush with a vanilla laced queen, spellbound in coumarin. Together, the plushly forward lavender and the largely velvety vanilla enter the amberous bed of musk, with a bare-bottomed moss, to eagerly interweave as one… This baroque lavender of propriety crossing illicit stares with a bracing vanilla of seasoned sensuality was a bold risk at the time of its release. As a perfume targeted for men, it played seamlessly with a feminine grace, that gave way to a new urbane feel and a distinctly new signature. The barbershop medicinal cleanliness meeting the radiating sugar warmth and its lush comfort was strictly understated to keep within social mores, given that women’s perfumery was generally at a louder volume. Pour un Homme de Caron was a pioneering scent of gender interplay, that remains timeless and thankfully, an ambiguous male signature. I can only tip my bowler to Ernest Daltroff and his muse, for this 86 year old classic appears effortlessly simple, given the two note harmony on the surface yet it is complex in its rounding hints that truly make the lavande-vanille transcendent… Simply, a ground breaking classic that continues to be felt in the works of today (JPG, Killian, Molinard, here’s looking at you kids!).
Dec 9, 2020

A lightly musky, potent Lavender with hints of vanilla in the drydown.
May 6, 2020

There are plenty of reviews here detailing the notes. Lavender, vanilla, musk.

This is just such a nice, pleasant relaxing wear and doesn't smell super old and dated especially in light of the fact that is is ancient in frag terms.

This is one of a small handful of scents that any Basenoter should at least try (if not buy).

It can be found pretty inexpensively. I'm bummed out the EdP version L'Impact seems impossible to find now.

If you like lavender, this is close to, if not the "benchmark" male lavender scent. To me it is to lavender what Guerlain Vetiver is to vetiver.

(Mister Surgery is a pretty tough cookie and he likes it....)
Apr 17, 2020

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