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Popy Moreni is a women's perfume launched in 1997 by Popy Moreni

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Reviews of Popy Moreni by Popy Moreni

There are 6 reviews of Popy Moreni by Popy Moreni.

A wonderful floriental! I get a good amount of its ingredients when sprayed. Lord knows how long this may have sat in a warehouse somewhere. I was surprised at all the notes I could recognize. I get vanilla, coffee, sandalwood, patchouli, amber, coriander, geranium, styrax, African orange flower, vetiver, and bergamot. As it settled down on my skin the heliotrope revealed itself. This is a bit of a heavy scent at first. More suited to cooler weather. It is reminiscent of those super-duper 80's offerings but, not quite...

This was a rare 'first sniffer' to me, in that I liked it right away. The sweetened coffee and geranium tones, along with that lovably waxy-woody-chalky base of heliotrope, amber, and woods reminded me instantly of the later Yohji Homme and Belle en Rykiel. I love coffee-based 'almost gourmands' which reel in the sweetness and explore the savory side of coffee, citrus, and florals without relying heavily on being vanillic. I only ever found a sample of this by chance, but to me this is dynamite.

I smelt this on my daughter, who was using a friends bottle of it, and I fell in love with it. I love patchouli, bergamot and ylang ylang, and the slight hint of coffee sets it off wonderfully at the end. It reminds me of an old fashioned delicate perfume. I found it warm, happy, soft, and youthful. I just hope I can find it in the stores somewhere :)

It is sweet and chaotic at the start. Then finds it way to coffee. Coffee usually does not blend well with other notes but in this scent it is some how nicely blended with a billion other notes. Nice for coffee lovers not very tempting to me.

Popy Moreni starts out too sweet for me. It smells almost Oriental or gourmand instead of floral, and it has a clashing coffee note that I do not like. After awhile, it settles down and the patchouli and amber base make it much more attractive. However, it is not unique enough in this respect for me to wear it and wait for the opening to die down.

This is a fun fragrance. Sugar sweet, breezy, with a little kick of coffee, it doesn't take itself seriously, or let you either. Sort of gourmand, sort of floral. Meant for sunny vacations, but not a Comptoir Sud Pacifique type fragrance - more an Italian sun and beach styled scent.

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