Popped Cherry 
Dua Fragrances (2018)

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Popped Cherry is the Dua expression inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry. It’s a bit more cherry-intensive and sharper, with more bite than the original, while the original is a bit creamier and more resinous. Both have the sensibilities of balsam and tonka, a bit powdery and quite sweet, and overall an intensive, mostly-gourmand, immersive experience. And of course Dua is somewhat more affordable and practically pocket-sized, so convenient. So while it doesn’t mimic the original exactly, Popped Cherry is a welcome variation of a great scent, and a great scent in its own right—my first bottle purchased with the current, slim design with crimping a little under 3 years ago.

8 out of 10
Sep 1, 2021

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