Pomegranate Noir 
Jo Malone London (2005)

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Reviews of Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone London

There are 65 reviews of Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone London.

Not overly fruity. Lively pink pepper, floral-like smell. A wintry vibe. A pretty, gentle layer of patchouli and frankincense. A touch of foody spice. Light wood. Overall this would make a great holiday, candle scent. No one note really shines, for me. Smells rather "mainstream" but I enjoy it for some reason. Not extraordinary enough to warrant such a high price.
Apr 2, 2019

Excellent uniting of a myriad of thoughtfully selected fragrance notes!

Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir includes:
Top = raspberry, pomegranate, plum, rhuburb, watermelon;
Heart = lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, rose, pink pepper, clove, olibanum resin (frankincense), opoponax resin (sweet brown myrrh), guaiac wood;
Base = virginia cedar, patchouli, musk, amber.

The meshing of exotic edible and non-edible fragrant notes yield a scent full of woody, fruity, resinous and spicy accords. It's rich, pungent, powdery, dark, and has a "mature" quality to it which younger wearers may not connect easily with.

Both men and women can enjoy this deep fragrance especially during cooler weather and for informal occasions. Longevity is great, and sillage is nice!

Enthusiastic thumbs up for this masterpiece!
Oct 7, 2018

Every year retailers put out Christmas decorations and merchandise earlier and earlier. Walking through the fragrance section at Saks the day after Halloween, I smelled this wonderful holiday smell as I noticed the store was already decorated for Christmas. The smell turned out to be a Jo Malone candle of Pomegranate Noir. Being curious I noticed the line included a PN fragrance, so I gave it a spray to the wrist. Right on queue, I got the same spiced fruit scent that I had detected in the shop candle. To describe the fragrance, it's simply a holiday spice fruit that isn't gourmand or overly sweet, so it's ultimately wearable. There's a little bit of wood and patchouli underneath, but it's fairly light. I could detect it close to my skin for about 4 hours. Nice, but not exactly my style, so a neutral and a pass for me.
Nov 7, 2017

CdG Fructose
Tom Ford Black Pepper Berry
Terre d'Her Fruitchouli
Oct 1, 2017

Best Perfume Ever. Period. Usually don't care for woodsy notes and especially mixed with fruit but this one is great and lasts for several hours. Wear it almost every day.
Jan 29, 2017

This starts off with a whiff of watery fruit - not sweet I might add, but a rich and slightly sour pomegranate/plum with a somewhat medicinal spice hovering in the background. Within 15 minutes the fruit dissipated and the spice made a huge and melodramatic entrance. That makes it sound very exciting, doesn't it? Well unfortunately the warm medicinal spice smells like embrocation on me - a smell I do actually enjoy, but I would never consider wearing it deliberately. Too many associations with sprained ankles, sore backs and other injuries. It does have quite a kick - this is not a skin scent and despite giving my wrist a good hard scrub it remained firmly in place several hours later when the ghost of that fruity opening reappeared, this time in rather sickly fashion. The extreme drydown is mentholated patchouli. I don't know if my skin ruined this fragrance or if I just don't like it, so I'll give it a neutral to be diplomatic. *Edit* One night, two showers and several fits of frantic scrubbing and I still smell quite strongly of embrocation. Just when I think it's worn off, I suddenly become redolent of eau de sports-injury all over again. I could get a similar effect by smearing myself in Tiger Balm, plus Tiger Balm is considerably cheaper and genuinely medicinal. To hell with diplomacy, this one's a scrubber.
Jun 1, 2016

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