Polynesia fragrance notes

    • moroccan cedarwood, frangipani, spices, vanilla, styrax, labdanum

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TR describes this as “an earthy, dark, unisex floriental amber filled with mystery and firelight.” The coconutty frangipani and a smidge of vanilla define the “Polynesian” profile, with the tang of the styrax and labdanum “fleshing it out” in terms of both substance and sensuality. Don’t expect anything typically woody from the cedar: it’s just a backbone for the more colorful components.

Polynesia is a lovely, warm, tropical scent, an easy enough wear in winter—I’m writing this in February—that I suspect really blooms in the summer heat. I should reevaluate it in July, but if it sounds like your style, you needn’t wait that long.
14th February 2022