Polo Supreme Oud fragrance notes

  • Head

    • cinnamon, pink pepper
  • Heart

    • smoky indian oud accord
  • Base

    • guaiac wood, vetiver

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This smells like Grey Flannel that lost its fizz. I find it kind of sexy. It does almost have a medicinal vibe of some poison or potion. I don't see this as a cologne you'd layer before you go out the door. Maybe just one spray after the shower and cuddling under the sheets. I'd pick Grey Flannel over this though. The price definitely hurts it too. Barely a thumbs up out of neutral zone.
15th September 2019
If you have ever lit or smelled a cheap stick of incense and want to that fragrance on your body then you have come to the right place my friend. This has to be the worst Polo fragrance I have ever experienced (I've tried Black, Blue, Double Black, Green, and Sport). I'm very disappointed with Ralph Lauren, who usually puts out quality products. This belongs in the Hall of Shame. Give me Aqua Velva, Bruit,or Old Spice anyday over this Ode to the Toilet.
19th March 2019

The opening has the sort of medicinal synthetic oud going on. Pink pepper with cinnamon dominate the opening. The pink pepper lends this a sweetness that takes the place of the normal rose in the composition, and the effects seems similar, but a little less sharp. A few hours in the vetiver is more prominent. I see no mention of it anywhere, but I get something like ginger later on. I like that this takes the normal synthetic oud out there and folds it into a woody oriental. It is a good use. I also like this as someone who is just not that crazy about oud. Not barnyard or earthy. It smells like something I could wear... if the performance was not terrible. It is terrible. Weak sauce. Projection below average. Longevity, abysmal. Thumbs down because of this.
9th March 2019
I see Polo Supreme Oud as occupying a slightly odd niche (sorry, market position) as it's by no means cheap but also by no means convincing in its oud credentials. That is to say, I gather that despite a definite "oud accord" that there is no genuine oud in this scent. Rather, it is a "Western" take on oud, and competes against several other designers who have taken the plunge into oud. Taken on these terms, I would say that PSO succeeds.

Personally, although I find genuine oud frequently fascinating and compelling on other people, I still haven't found a version that I could wear. PSO, though, I got on with throughout its wear time. The opening is a very brief whiff of spices - akin to the puff of air that opticians blow into your eyes now and again - instantly gone and followed by the main event of the oud accord and its frequent fellow flyer, guaiac wood. This accord has been toned down for general public use, and to the right level to my nose. Late in the day, woods come to the fore.

Now, I wouldn't buy this, but then I wouldn't buy any of the other designer "alternative ouds". I would be tempted to write that, if I were in the market for such a thing, I would pay the extra for a good Amouage or similar - but that would be double the price. Given that there are alternatives at any price point, it's a difficult one to conclude on, especially when it's not going to be happening for me. At any rate, PSO obviously has a minor fan club and given the composition and performance, probably looks like good value for its adherents. It's pretty good and delivers.
8th January 2019
Supreme oud is another medium rare steak of ouds, along with versace oud noir and ysl's oud absolute. Not quite swimming in blood and barely touching the heat, these ouds are tasty and exotic but never too much in at the deep end. Supreme oud isn't dominated by rose to tame the oud like in the majority of western ouds..instead it is blended with spice and woods, the quality is very good and you could say that the oud is a background note to compliment the spice and woods that are the main players. Habit rouge edp has a touch of oud like this but guerlain didn't call it oud magnificent or something on those lines..Ralph Lauren got the name a bit wrong for this. I think this is the pick of the bunch I mentioned tho for me ..it's sophisticated and spicey, has a friendly cuddly vibe and enough oud to be considered exotic..it's a great introduction to the whole genre for a beginner and in many ways totally faultless from that perspective.
3rd May 2018
Another of my blind buys, this one took a while to grow on me. At this point, it's probably my go-to cologne. I will buy again and again.
21st April 2018
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