Polo Supreme Cashmere fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, cardamom
  • Heart

    • incense, iris
  • Base

    • cashmeran, myrrh

Latest Reviews of Polo Supreme Cashmere

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I like the smell of this. It sort of has the feel of drinking a diet cream soda. Kinda sweet, kinda vanillay and pink pepoercorny. Has cardamom. Lasts forevor. Like 24 hours, but projects about 8 or so. Very very strong for something not smelling of oud, leather, or incense. Wife was not a fan, made her catch her breath and cough. Im assuming it is from the synthetics. Still a thumbs up from me.
22nd June 2019
Smooth, ambery fragrance of great performance! Ralph Lauren's Polo Supreme Cashmere is a home run among his niche "Polo Supreme" flankers.

What I admire about this EdP is that it is balanced and well-blended, with each note occupying their place at just the right levels: Echoing the treatment of uber-exclusive fragrance crafters like Clive Christian. From the very beginning and forward, Supreme Cashmere stays velvety soft and so comforting to whiff. It stays by my side like a quiet furry lapdog that has its own pleasant, lightly musky scent that only intensifies the effect.

The dance of fragrance notes - from subtle bergamot and moderately spicy cardamom to the synergistic combo of incense, iris, blond woods (cashmeran), and exotic myrrh - lead to a unified scent reminiscent of a mix of lavender and patchouli. Linear, predictable, and so wearable for casual occasions year round.

Love Polo Supreme Cashmere! Huge thumbs up! ;^>
19th August 2018

This is the guy who knocked out Eternity and Euphoria so wasn't expecting greatness.

Rich, smooth -- no discernible incense in the heart or base. Basically I get silky woods.

Very versatile and smells good -- lasts for ever and reasonably priced.

Imo, better than the leather version, which smells strangely sometimes of sweet tobacco.
8th March 2018
Soft and round, I get the feeling this is almost entirely made of cashmeran. The supporting notes do well to present a pleasant jus.
If you've ever wondered what cashmeran smells like, you will realize how many other fragrances over-use the aroma chem and how easy it is to 'play' with.

Not bad, but nothing supreme about it, much like the leather.
Supreme Oud is the winner of the trio to me.

I predict Supreme Vetiver, Supreme Tobacco and Supreme Iris coming up!
20th February 2018
Opening is interesting with a smooth citrus and something that reminds me of chocolate. The whole thing is very smooth and powdery.

The drydown reminds me of KC Reaction Thermal, which is kinda similar to Body Kouros.

Feels like a cooler weather scent and for casual wear.

The soft projection also fits the theme. Longevity is good, lasts all workday.
3rd February 2018