Reviews of Polo Red Parfum by Ralph Lauren

This kicks off as a strong mix of inky, dark burnt smells and a burnt-caramel gourmand.

There's something "perfumey" in the background, most notably a lavender and iris, as well as that grape-drink note that's common in mainstream masculine scents, but all of this is very subtle in comparison to the very strong burnt caramel/charred smell.

Given an hour or so, everything sort of melts together into a weird, unpleasant chemical blob. It has the nostrll-searing inky scream of a "woody amber" aquatic, lightly sweetened and vaguely fruity, but also surrounded by a metallic haze.

I was hopeful, upon first spray, that this could be something interesting, but its quick deterioration into a "woody amber" aquatic abomination dashed my hopes. Thumbs down.
10th July 2023