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This is neat. I never would have considered this one but happened upon a great deal and blind bought it. Took me forever to actually pop the top and try it. I brought it on a trip this week and have been using it everyday. Thumbs up!

The coffee is pronounced, but it’s a dessert coffee, not “fresh brewed”. It’s even a little “carbonated” (to steal a description from JV’s “Crimson” collab with NJ), but otherwise there’s no other connection to that other (very enjoyable) product. There’s no saffron here, for example.

There’s some toffee here, maybe a slight tiramisu connection. It connotes dessert (so a “sweetness”), but it is not overtly sweet or cloying at all to my nose. This is a nice gourmand that I can overspray and enjoy. I get no woods here.

I expected this to be a confectionary novelty that i would use situationally. But this could easily be a signature scent as the whether cools. I’ll enjoy this throughout November on days I want something light and airy and not too serious. It’s fun and smells great!

Decent projection, sillage and duration. Nothing special, but what designer is nowadays?
14th November 2021
I received this scent as a gift for Christmas last year. I’m in love with it. I get a coffee vibe from it. Projection and silage are off the charts!!! Polo Red Intense lasts forever on me. Too bad I can’t find it any longer. I’ll just have to savor every sniff. I’ll wear this scent when I’m all dressed up looking to make an impression.
11th November 2021

Far and away my favorite of the Polo Red line. Starts out gourmand and sweet and mellows to a coffee and oud-type heart. Whereas the original Red on my skin didn't so much dry down as fall apart into a synthetic mess, Red Extreme is great on me from beginning to end. And I like how it plays well upon just a few notes to deliver a distinct and powerfully masculine scent, while tweaking that genre a bit as well. Good stuff!
28th December 2020
Overpowering, cloyingly sweet, and emerald pretty revolting stuff. Gives you a headache after just a couple of minutes.
28th September 2019
A good contrast between fresh and warm, with the tart, refreshing blood orange and grapefruit up top and the roast coffee and ebony wood in the base. It actually creates a really nice smell that, while a bit synthetic in nature, comes across with notes that are distinct and easy to identify. A lot of these modern mall designers just have these very vague fruity notes over darker and equally vague sweet tonk-related notes. But that's not the case here. It seems as though some care and effort went into creating notes that are actually reflected in the pyramid. If you don't mind the general synthetic quality of modern mainstream designers (which I don't), then this is a really nice option to explore. It smells a lot better than the other Polo Red fragrances in the lineup and works as a scent that is both fresh enough for daily wear while possessing enough dark, alluring qualities to make it appropriate for a date as well. Thumbs up, with a final 8/10 rating. I'm not a fan of Polo fragrances in general, but this one surprised me.
23rd February 2019
This is really good. Almost nichey in its delivery.
Super sweet gourmand: Cap'n Crunch drenched in coffee is not far off :)

Once it settles it shines even brighter revealing that RL added a dash of Supreme Oud to Red intense and amped it up a few degrees.

Could easily be a Mugler A Men flanker. Probably is, handshake agreement between TM and RL.

Worth a sniff for sugar heads. I would rock this on a hot summer night at a beach side disco/club.
19th January 2018
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