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Polo Deep Blue by Ralph Lauren

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Polo Deep Blue is a men's fragrance launched in 2020 by Ralph Lauren

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Reviews of Polo Deep Blue by Ralph Lauren

There are 6 reviews of Polo Deep Blue by Ralph Lauren.

Plain and simple: This smells really good.
The mango shines in the opening and first few hours, lending just the right tartness and sweetness over the aquatic base. There's also a faint saltiness that I like a lot and wish hung around longer. The drydown is nearly as good, with the original Blue DNA pumped up with a bit more musk and stronger aquatics. Ambroxan is in there but not too strong and settles pretty quickly. Lasts all day as a skin scent (hour 12 here and I'm still getting pleasant whiffs).
Can't imagine anyone not liking this, even if frag-heads are underwhelmed. Works in the office and casual, every day use. For those who already have a zillion ADGs or even Allure Homme Sports, this may be redundant. But I'm not that guy and this is the perfect daytime, hot weather scent for me. Just right.

Similar to Polo Blue, but with more fruit and sweetness, especially at the opening.

A worthy flanker to the crowd-pleasing Polo Blue original. If you are a fan of sweet aquatics you'll like it.

Safe aquatic fragrance that is pretty generic, but not bad at all. Not full bottle worthy for me, but I would wear this 6.5/10

Polo Deep Blue (2020) is a bit of a "modernized" update to the original Polo Blue (2002), which is the best thing it has going for it. Other "flanker of flankers" like Polo Ultra Blue (2018) tried to reinvent the wheel. and still others like Polo Blue Eau de Parfum (2016) and Polo Blue Gold Blend (2019) just didn't really do enough to separate themselves from the original take, meaning they might have caught an impulse buy from guys new to the brand, but not from longtime users of the original Polo Blue (which is who flankers should be targeting). What returning perfumer Carlos Benaim has done here with the Polo Blue formula is tweak it with a bit more fruitiness in the top (something that will appeal to younger buyers), while also strengthening the masculinity of the base (something that will appeal to older buyers), then adding in a modern ambroxan base riff to give it degrees of separation from the original Polo Blue that pretty much all the other flankers lack. How this plays out with the general public is anyone's guess with it launching in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but if there is light at the end of the tunnel for the stuff, it may end up something of a line-revitalizing sleeper hit for Ralph Lauren in the way Acqua di Giò Profumo (2015) was for Armani. Polo Deep Blue won't make anyone jump for joy when smelling it, but it does a similar "formal office aquatic" sort of dance that the original did, allowing it to be taken seriously when compared to the many Nautica and Bvlgari aquatics that fall short of anything but casual use. Mixing "old" and "new" concepts is always a shaky proposition considering the strict taste boundaries between generations of fragrance-loving men, but Ralph Lauren has never cared about its own orthodoxy, as evidenced by all the Polo flanker experiments over the years.

The opening of Polo Deep Blue is where all the contention with guys used to more "traditional" aquatics will lie, plus using the words "tradition" and "aquatic" in the same sentence may seem apocryphal to old boomers lamenting oakmoss, but the style is over 3 decades old now so some modicum of tradition has emerged. Green mango and an uncommonly sharp bergamot mix with the "CristalFizz" proprietary aquatic note (there's no way I'm breaking that one down), grapefruit, cucumber, and calone to make something that smells a bit more like the 2000's than some may wish to remember, but the heart soon rectifies the tresspass into dark times with better materials. A cypriol note merges with geranium, basil, verbena, and clary sage, giving a bit more of a sour green freshness alongside a salty oceanic accord that was present in the original Polo Blue, before the modern and mature part of the scent shows up in the base. Dry patchouli and a bit of balsam fir alongside a commonly-found "modern suede" note assert this maturity, making Polo Deep Blue way greener and woodsier than typical Polo Blue flanker entries, but the mineralic warmth of ambroxan amplifies the "freshness" of the overall structure into the stratospheric levels you expect of modern ambrox bombs like Dior Sauvage (2015) and the masculine Y by Yves Saint Laurent (2017), which could be a deal-breaker for some. Polo Deep Blue is very much an aquatic, and arguably better-executed than most post-aquatic "blue" scents, with more-identifiable notes from nature like the pine and the gentlemanly floral/herbal heart. Wear time is long as an eau de parfum, with 10 hours average time, and projection is on modern "compliment getter" levels for the Jeremy Fragrance followers out there demanding that everyone in their immediate area tell them how good they smell. Keep in mind this projection does fall to typical eau de parfum closeness after about hour five of the wear.

I'd use Polo Deep Blue as a signature the same way I did with Polo Blue long ago if I was still in love with the DNA of the scent, as it does offer versatility thanks to the bit of woods and herbs in the composition giving this otherwise summery style some heft in colder air, but there is zero sexiness here to make it appropriate beyond business or day time use. Circling back, because this is an aquatic that "does something extra" much in the same manner as Acqua di Giò Profumo, I don't see a lot of people jumping on Polo Deep Blue right away, as it slowly trickles down into the fragrance community through random YouTube reviews, word of mouth on social media posts, forum entries, and having a slow build of acceptance. Aquatics are automatically dismissed by some, which contributes to the cautious interest in trying out stuff like this, but if it survives 5 years on the market, I don't see why Polo Deep Blue can't eventually get some of that "dark horse hype" too. I do have to admit that I'm not one to go out of my way to try new aquatics, so I'm in that same "try with a grain of salt" boat as many others, but this came across my desk without me having to reach out and find it, so much of my positive assement comes as a surprise to me much like it might be to anyone else, also echoing the initial reaction most hobbyists had with Acqua di Giò Profumo. Beyond that, these two scents have nothing in common, but issuing another richer, deeper, more mature entry into a genre that is known for phoning in almost mind-numbingly casual and throwaway scents is a welcome sight to me. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself, and you may be pleasantly surprised too. Thumbs up.

Very pleasant nice modern fresh scent, lighter and more refreshing than Blue EDP but not as versatile. I do get the melon and mango off the top but also a little of the fresh citrus fizz element. Deep Blue is a big step up from Ultra Blue and less linear but won't give you the big wow factor if you're looking for a creative Blue fresh scent. I do think Deep Blue is a better fragrance for day wear in the high heat of summer and overall is a solid wearable juice. I bought it knowing that I wanted another option for Summer, so I am good with the purchase at $55 for a tester. I would not pay full retail for this but it's worth $40-60 in my book.

Smells like cool, fresh Polo Blue mixed with fruity notes in the opening. Not cloying as long as you keep the sprays at minimum. I say that as some of these Blues can get irritating if sprayed too much.

Very fresh, clean and with the added fruitiness, feels slightly more modern, fun and relaxed. A casual spring or summer scent.

The fruitiness only lasts 1-2 hours. After that, it's the usual Polo Blue. 7-8 hours total. Projection is average.

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