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Ralph Lauren (1991)


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Reviews of Polo Crest by Ralph Lauren

There are 38 reviews of Polo Crest by Ralph Lauren.

I am Crestfallen over Polo Crest...
With great expectations and anticipation I received a 2.5oz bottle of Polo Crest EdT Spray. First spray and it quite obvious this is a clone of its own big brother, Polo Green. All the same DNA, except PERFORMANCE. This juice is perhaps the weakest performing scent in my collection. Two hours later and it's all but gone. TWO HOURS...OR LESS!!
I paid $80 for this dud. I love my Warner and Cosmair Polos, but Crest is a complete waste of money. Go to FragranceX and just buy the latest iteration of Polo green and you will have spent your money much more wisely than I did.
DO NOT buy into the hype. It's all B.S.
Oct 25, 2021

I can't always smell this as I'm wearing it, which is a drawback, but when I can smell it, I love it. Sometimes it comes across as almost too similar to original Polo, but other days it seems like the perfect flanker.
Aug 17, 2021

One of my all time favorites. Polo Crest is essentially the daytime or summer version of Polo Green.

In my mind, RL never intended for this flanker to be more than a “limited edition” as they weren’t going to directly compete with themselves. Upon release in 1991, Crest’s big brother Polo Green was the undisputed heavyweight of the RL men’s line.

That wasn’t going to change and RL either didn’t know how to market Crest to its consumers, or more likely, intended it to be a limited run.

Lurking in development, a new heavily marketed flanker, Polo Sport, would go on to dominate the aquatic side of the pond in 1993.

Dollars and scents.

Polo Crest has an excellent composition with a very similar DNA to Polo Green, minus the tobacco, with an emphasis on the herbs / florals in the heart and cedar in the basenotes.

Make no mistake, Polo Crest is an unparalleled treasure of masculinity in the world of fragrance. 5 stars!
Sep 14, 2020

Sophisticated and distinguished. Exceptional fragrance though hard to find since they discontinued production.
Dec 31, 2019

Very minimalist version of the original Polo (green).

Polo Crest focuses more on the spicy element present in the original. It's simpler and more predictable, not exuding several notes at will.

Hard to find, but a great flanker to own of the legendary and still great original green.
Dec 28, 2016

Wow, super-manly and has that classic Polo green smell I remember from my childhood. I was nostalgic for the original Polo green and tried various testers at the mall and airports, all smelled terrible. So jumped on Basenotes and sure enough, it had been reformulated to crap. Vintage is too much for me so I snagged a mini bottle of Crest, which I also learned about on Basenotes. I tried Modern Reserve and like that one too, but this stuff has just the right mix of classic manliness and modern clean. I think I just grew some more chest hair...thanks Polo Crest!
Nov 12, 2016

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