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Ralph Laurens first male fragrance contains a very distinctive pine note.
The packaging and bottle are a forest-green colour.
FIFI award winner in 1979

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Reviews of Polo by Ralph Lauren

There are 216 reviews of Polo by Ralph Lauren.

A lot has already been said over the years, so I’m not going to harp on the notes composition etc.
however every time I wear Polo Green I ask myself, why do you ever wear anything else? I’ve worn vintage when it wasn’t. I don’t care to go to the past. I live in the present and I’m happy with the current formula and stubby sprayer. Absolutely gorgeous.
2020 Bottle 9/10
Oct 6, 2021


TLDR: OK (2.5/5). Reformulations have dulled the shine on a once great fragrance.

I have written in other reviews about how my appreciation of Polo following its initial release was tempered by my classmates over zealous application during my final year of middle school.

In spite of my Polo fatigue, when a high school girlfriend gave me a bottle, I felt forced to use it (even though I had returned unopened bottles received as gifts on 2 prior occasions--my aunts were not going to stop talking to me if I exchanged their gifts; the girlfriend was another story). And so I came to try Polo and discovered that it was quite wonderful if applied with respect for its undeniable power. Long after the girlfriend had moved on to one of my classmates, who I noticed soon began to reek of Polo most days, I continued to wear the stuff from time to time.

After the start of the Covid-19 lock downs, in an effort to find something to do in my down time, I started to reacquire the fragrances that had begun my scent journey. If there was a current version of the scent available, and there was for nearly all of them, that is what I bought. So in April of 2020, I received the classic green Polo box and prepared to get reacquainted with an old friend.

The initial spray was what I remembered. Pine, green notes, spices, nothing else in the green aromatic genre has managed to surpass this opening.

The heart notes weren't quite as I remembered them. There was a certain depth missing from the composition. Perhaps my memory was faulty or my much older skin reacted differently to the scent than it once had? Still, this smelled nice. Our reunion was going well.

Then we got to the base notes. Ugh. The chemicals now used to simulate the animalic leather and supplement the trace of oakmoss that remains in this fragrance don't work. At all. The smell of the base is borderline unpleasant. Only some decent patchouli present here keep the last few hours of this scent just this side of the scrubber line.

Performance is also a shadow of its former self with duration at most in the 6-7 hour range (it used to greet you as you awoke the morning after applying it). Siliage is initially average, but fades quickly. This fact is a good thing, in the end, because the diminished projection corresponds to the less pleasant phase of the scent progression.

This fragrance is still OK, but the poor base notes and the sadness occasioned by memories of what this scent once was make this one a neutral for me. If the fragrance just consisted of the opening and the middle and simply tailed off into a generic woody leather note as is found in so many masculine-targeted fragrances, the rating here would be considerably higher. Perhaps the next reformulation will fix the glaring problems with the base notes and bring Polo back to something close to the great earlier versions. I doubt it will happen but will hope for a nice surprise.

For now, I only bring it out to experience the great opening and enjoy the memories it always conjures for me.
Mar 28, 2021

The scent of a deciduous forest floor on a warm,sunny autumn day.incredibly masculine.the definition of a green scent.Polo is a real man who's not afraid to tell it like it is and be fully responsible his words and actions.It's not about soft vanilla,aquatic synthetic.It's not for fainting girly-sugar boys that can't dare to come out of their mother's protection circle, and their sisters tea parties with their dolls.My father used to wear it when i was a kid,it reminds me of an afternoon stroll with him in the park.and i'd use this a few years ago and always get me compliments from beautiful mature women,the upper thirties to forties types.

A dark green,bitter,earthy blast of herbs and evergreen notes in the beginning.as it spreads out and dries down you get an absolute spirit of all those big 70/80s colognes from the ultra mossy,leathery tobacco,vetiver, and outdoorsy coniferous notes that shows the character how a man has to smell.the picture of masculinity,maturity and self-confidence,all that a man can be,the fragrance is simply awesome and full of body.Polo maintains the pine as the major player in the foreground,but strips most of tobacco out of the background.It lasts for ever on the clothes and stays for at least 10 hours on the skin.You will get the best out of it by spraying on your chest under the shirt.a true classic scent that never goes out of fashion.
Jan 10, 2021

Polo (Green) for Men EDT (splash)
Variant: Cosmair
Batch Code: CQ4

Amazingly beautiful yet masculine scent that smells of a gorgeous blend of tobacco ash, pine leaves and leather supported with minimal florals. I can definitely smell a bit of frankincense. Incites greenish grey or greyish green color to me. Still very very relevant in today's age.

Stays for at least 8 hours in about 30 C in Australia. Best for casual and office setting or lunch date or out with the boys at the pub or some outdoor adventure. Would not recommend for dinner dates. Better for autumn, spring and winter, or rainy days.
Jan 5, 2021

The original version:

What a great opening. The pine notes is glorious, combines with a beautiful lavender and freshened up by some bergamot. Soon a mix of juniper and herbs - basil and hints of thyme - with a handful of marjoram is used to add further depth. The juniper is a bit pale amongst the pine-ing glory.

The drydown keeps the pine core, but the herbal green parts gain complexity by the addition of floral heart notes, mainly carnation, jasmine and and a fairly bright rose. There are counterparts in the more spices side, mainly coriander and on incense in the background, but the latter is quite faint on me.

The base is reduced in intensity, with a soft patchouli and a rather tame but natural oakmoss standing out. Hints of a darker leather cone and go, but again this is a domesticated leather without any of the wild gasoline-fueled rawness of, for instance, Knize Ten. Touches of a faint amber, and a stronger cedarwood are present toward the end, as are whiffs of a restraiend earthy undertone.

I get moderate sillage excellent protection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

This autumnal is one of the great pine creations; pine is nowadays mainly known in bathroom cleaners, but over the years it has been used in ennobled and higher quality versions for some classics; with one being Pino Silvestre, and this original Polo being another one of note. Polo Green was part of my more regular rotations a couple of decades ago, with the more recent version having lost some of its complexities whilst keeping a slightly less complex pine core. A classic this one is indeed, and one of Ralph Lauren's finest, especially in its earlier years. 3.75/5.
Oct 17, 2020

Never, I'd argue, has a perfume's packaging so perfectly matched the scent itself. Simply put, Polo smells gold and green. It's a deep and delicious blend of pine, grass, herbs, woods, and leather, dusted with shimmering spices (nutmeg, cumin, coriander), and underlaid with moss, patchouli, tobacco, and Lord knows what else in the rich, rounded base. I suspect a certain nutty sweetness is missing from current formulations, which skew a bit drier and more "ashy" than the versions I've smelled over the years, but make no mistake: Polo is Polo, from any vintage and every angle. One of the most distinctive men's fragrances ever created, it inspired a gazillion knockoffs and is almost inextricably tied to its era. But I love wearing Polo in the here and now, particularly during winter, when its full-throttle pine and tobacco sing a cheerful, festive tune. I feel like I'm walking through a snow-blanketed forest every time I give Polo a spritz. An instant mood-brightener. (Sexy, too, if you can get past any possible "dad's aftershave" connotations.)
Aug 12, 2020

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