Polo Blue Sport fragrance notes

  • Head

    • frosted mint, mandarin, apple, crushed leaves, cedar leaf
  • Heart

    • water fern, ginger, sage
  • Base

    • amberwood, musk, oak moss, sandalwood, patchouli

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Latest Reviews of Polo Blue Sport

Great fresh-aquatic fragrance! Really great, a very nice improvement over the classic Polo Blue.
Nothing surprising based the fragrance notes pyramid.
Just wish it was stronger! The sillage is fairly weak, right from the start, but I could still smell this great fragrance on my skin 10 hours later. Guess I'll just have to learn to overspray this one.
8th May 2020
Meh. I expected a nice twist on the aromatic original, but instead encountered a scent that is reminiscent of Ralph Lauren's Safari, with a sharper old-school finish to it.

How this one can be classified as a “sport” fragrance is imperceptible to me. Not a horrible cologne, but a bit too dated for my tastes.
30th April 2017

This cologne just plain old smells good. So fresh and clean but not the generic soap smell that a lot of fresh scents exhibit. Though I wear colognes for myself and to make me feel better it never hurts to get compliments, and this cologne gets compliments like you wouldn't believe. I would find it hard to believe that anyone would dislike this scent. As far as longevity, the atomizer has a very wide spray pattern and it doesn't dispense a lot so you have to hold it very close as not to have half the spray miss you. Once I figured that out I haven't had any issues with longevity.
26th March 2017
Inspired by the freshness of the meadow and the effortless elegance of a refined man. It is always good refreshing thing to get a nice complement. A clean, crisp, fresh, casual scent that makes you feel elegantly audacious, light and refined. PBS is a nice sporty fresh fragrance.a bit synthetic but you get what you pay for. A more herbal version of the original Polo Blue. Invigorating, lively, herbal, green, earthy, simple and aromatic.

It open strongely yet fades quite quickly. The notes of green mint and crisp apple leaves add an refreshing depth while the heart notes has a waterfall of green freshness. The base notes has a softness of musk, fern and cedar that stays close to the skin so it is perfect for office and casual wear. In fact the scent enjoys a harmonious diversity, which results from the interaction of green apple and mint accompanied by green notes and ginger. Perfect with a polo T shirt.
28th June 2016
Fresh and clean. Nothing offensive here, nothing memorable either. A nice compromise of Polo Blue and Sport, which perfectly matches the name, so well done there, Polo. I like the smell just fine, but I don't feel any better for wearing it.
4th March 2016
Weak and boringDid not like this one at all. Not a memorable type of scent and lasts one hour tops. I guess it smells ok but it is just like million other scents out there. Has no distinguishable kick to it.
8th August 2013
Not for me An allright scent. Not a fan of musk though.Pros: Cons: Musk in the base notes
11th June 2013
Ralph Lauren Does it Again... Make room in my Top 10... Ralph Lauren Does it Again.. Make room in my Top Ten... I definitely recommend trying/buying the relative new fragrance by Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue Sport... Blue Sport offers a successful blend of citrus, fruit, musk, and woodsy notes with a splash of mint... Very pleasant without being overbearing/overwhelming. The fragrance is light with a uniqueness that is quite pleasant. There are subtle similarities to Versace's Pour Homme... Blue Sport has plenty of "Wow Factor" potential - Sweetie have a two thumbs up endorsement some eight hours after the initial application. While there are plenty of "nay-sayers" that criticize the longevity, projection, and sillage - it is a light fragrance that still lingers many hours later. Blue Sport offers great flexibility due to the many notes in the fragrance. Any time of year and any event should work well. (a great work office fragrance - smells great without offending those with sensitive noses..) The packaging is first class - would you expect less from Ralph Lauren..?? The "jury is still out" on the bottle - I want to like it, but haven't quite got there yet - my favorite color is blue and I was hoping for some magnificent blue bottle - I am, however, warming up to the white bottle with striping. As of now, you will still pay a premium for this juice - hey, it is worth it..!! My final tally for Blue Sport is 4.5 stars out of 5. I have moved it into my Top Ten. Ralph Lauren designs great scents and you feel great wearing them. Go for it - a definitely recommend here. It is a long way to the top if you want to Rock-n-Roll,,,!!Pros: Great scent... Pleasant blend of citrus, fruit, musk, and woodsy notes with a splash of mint...Cons: I would like to have greater projection, sillage, and longevity.. (and I would like to have a blue bottle..)
19th May 2013
Polo Blue Sport is absolutely wonderful because it smells so amazing and actually lasts over 6 hours on my skin! It is appropriately named for obvious reasons (smells a lot like Sport & Blue) but I think it pulls off the best of both worlds more convincingly and I hope Ralph Lauren will consider bringing this one back on a permanent basis!
20th January 2013
Nice stuff, but like everyone else I get such a strong Polo Sport Vibe that it may as well have been a flanker for it. Why bother grouping it in with the Blue line?
21st November 2012
take a little Polo Blue and blend it with some Polo Sport and voila you get Polo Blue Sport...except the longevity and any kinda cojones this could have was removed. You'll get better results by blending it yourself.
27th October 2012
Of course we all have fragrances that smell better... but Polo Blue Sport does smell good! The mint and mandarin opening makes it more interesting them Polo Blue. For the price, you cant beat it.
24th September 2012