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Ralph Lauren (2016)

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Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

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Polo Blue Eau de Parfum is a men's fragrance launched in 2016 by Ralph Lauren

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Reviews of Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

There are 10 reviews of Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren.

A unique take on the blue/marine scent category; clean, fresh, and with a slight candy-sweet note. Perfect for warm spring and summer days and nights. This is not the category for which I reach very much, but Polo Blue EDP makes me wish it was in my collection. Performance is average which is a bummer.

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum (2016) is not different enough from the original Polo Blue (2002) for me to change my mind about it, but it bears discussion for those who went for this or who want to go for this over the early 2000's classic responsible for the "second wave" of aquatics. After the enduring popularity of the line, and the many lines spawned from iterative development of its casual/formal hybrid style like Polo Black (2005) and Polo Red (2013), it was high time for Polo Blue to receive an upgrade. I don't know if Carlos Benaim returned to the Polo line to tweak his formula for Polo Blue here, but whoever did this eau de parfum version played very close to the chest with the original EdT's design. For this reason, Polo Blue Eau de Parfum will not convince those who didn't like the original Polo Blue, nor will it seem an important purchase for those who've used the original Polo Blue for years, and really just slots itself into a position for those not familiar with the original and perhaps wanting something a bit smoother and more mute in tone with much the same characteristics. For me, this becomes a pass as a longtime owner of Polo Blue (which I wear little these days due to being in a more temperate climate without severe summer or winter seasons), but for someone else looking for a marginally more-refined Polo Blue experience to be formal wear in hotter climates, this could work better.

The opening of Polo Blue Eau de Parfum is the same melon and cucumber blast powered by aromachemicals like calone and hedione as the original, but there is noticeably more bergamot here and less of the ozonic elements, with stuff like dihydromyrcenol and dimetol muted in favor of letting more of the clary sage and geranium heart come singing through earlier. Polo Blue Eau de Parfum is more bottom-heavy in this manner, but all the key 2000's dynamics are still there, just in the background. From there, basil and vetiver appear and in place of the 2000's woody tones comes more-modern ambroxan, norlimbanol, and a surprising addition of cashmeran as the musk choice in place of the laundry white musk staple of galaxolide. This is still full of buzzy acetates and an iris ionone flicks about a bit too, but once everything settles, what emerges is remarkably similar to the original Polo Blue, just thicker and smoother to warrant its eau de parfum designation. I guess this proves there's more than one way to skin a cat, although no cats were harmed in the making of this fragrance, I promise. Wear time pushes ten hours and sillage is constant, but the projection gets quieter as expected much faster as an eau de parfum in place of an eau de toilette. You can wear Polo Blue Eau de Parfum in all the same business, formal, or casual situations as the eau de toilette, however.

Circling back, there isn't much here to scream about either for fans of, or detractors of, the original Polo Blue. What I can say sets this apart from the original eau de toilette is the slight retrofitting of aromachemicals from things more standard in the 2000's to things more common in the 2010's, so it's like putting a modern LS V8 motor in an an older Corvette and keeping everything else the same. You're going to get relatively the same performance because nothing else about the car has changed, but that subtle difference in the way the power is delivered to the wheels makes just new enough that people who have no interest in dealing with the original experience may opt for this retrofitted experience just because it's more familiar to them, if for no other reason. I could see the same thing being effectively done to a scent like Davidoff Cool Water (1988), by keeping everything but the base materials in 1988, then adding a 2018 base so the power is delivered in a more-modern way that suits those used to it, rather than trying to completely re-invent the fragrance from the top down as Davidoff has chosen to do with its very uneven flankers to the line. In either case, this isn't necessary stuff for the most of you, but what little difference there is between original and eau de parfum versions of Lauren's most popular Polo variant are here for you to see. Thumbs up

Been a fan of Polo Blue for years and this is no exception. Smells very similar to the original, but with a little more depth. No problem purchasing this. 7.5/10

I have the original Polo Blue in my collection and it is constantly in my rotation. I've worn that stuff since I was in high school (I'm dating myself a bit here but that's okay).

I got a sample of the EDP and I like it. A lot actually. It takes one of my older favorites and gives it more kick, more depth, and makes it a little bit more contemporary.

Comparing the notes side by side, you'd swear that the original has this one beat by a mile. The EDP went more simplistic at a glance. The EDT has far more notes, but honestly, you don't get THAT much out of the EDT.

I've almost used my sample up and I'm debating on getting a full bottle. If you own the original Polo Blue, I wouldn't spring for a bottle. The scent isn't a huge departure from the original and I don't see the point in having two of the same fragrance sit on your shelf/desk/wherever you store your fragrances. It's good though. I'll give credit where it's due.

I have a sample of this cologne, it smell very nice citrucy, oceanic opening.
The only problem is the sillage and longivity are below average but still a good cologne overall, THUMBS UP.

Tried this on my skin in store for the second time.
Nice clean smooth.
Blue.... Yes it suits the blue line of scents, I'm thinking this is a solid release, although it isn't groundbreaking but it is worth trying or looking into.

But I'm swaying more to Dylan Blue, I think that has more depth.
Still undecided, however polo is decent.

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