Poison Girl fragrance notes

    • Bitter Orange, May Rose, Damascena Rose, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

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My review is for a decanted sample of the EDP.

It's nice. It's young. It's a friendly vanilla with flowers on top. The first thing I thought when I smelled it was, "This is something a young girl would wear."

Poison Girl starts with fresh flowers and candied vanilla all at once. The orange blossom is the star, and there's enough sugar to almost make this a creamsicle note. The roses play a supporting role but they never take center stage. This ain't your Grandma's bathroom! No rose-shaped soaps are anywhere near our Poison Girl.

The flowers don't last too long, maybe an hour, and then this settles into a pleasant, slightly powdery, orange-vanilla fragrance. It would be safe for work. Sillage is modest. It lasts six hours on my skin.
14th March 2021
It's very nice. The same base as Hypnotic poison, with a lighter, younger feel. Better for summer!

Sillage and longevity are good.
9th March 2017

Kenzo Amour had a lovechild with Poison Red. It's very vanilla sweet, a bit dry and "babypowder" like and easy to wear. It's a slightly above average vanilla number with some more gourmand notes thrown in there. I don't think the marketing matches the scent, it's a very safe and warm fragrance.
7th July 2016
It must be disheartening for a skilled perfumer to churn out versions of what everyone else is doing.

What's required of the Nose is to make something that's virtually identical to the one sitting next to it on the promo stand, while at the same time retaining its own unique selling proposition.

In a market of near clones, all of which closely resemble a commercially successful formula, these USPs can be no more than mere details which, when combined, make juice X a slight variation of juice Y.

Mainstream perfume thus becomes like the suits of the men who design it - uniform, meant to blend in with the crowd; distinguished only by details - a neck tie here, a pair of brown shoes there.
23rd February 2016
I absoloutely love fabulous Poison but this is whole a other story. The scent is not bad at all. A pleasant surprise. Sweet deliciousness. Definitely one for gourmand lovers. Perfect choice to warm up yourself and feel comfortably and cozy. Yes like a lot of modern vanillic perfumes but much better as it has an edge of spices. Vanilla characterizes the scent's evolution. From inception to cpmpletion, the vanilla notes mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer in the middle then darkening to add depth to the base note sweet, edible, warm, enchanting, cute, charming, sensuous and magnetic.

As the sun begins to set, Poison Girl evolves and the atmosphere changes: the clean elegance of orange combines with the delicate essence of sweet rose after sunset, the intensity of the evening and all that it has to offer is felt. The soft sensuality of blends with the rich comfort of vanilla, almond and tonka bean to provide the perfect fragrance for to set the stage for the night ahead. The scent is like a trophy girlfriend with long sleek raven black hair, sexy black clothes and so much make up. It is better for evening, suitable for a charming girl who she is daringly flirtatious. You are a really girl but not a really poison!
4th February 2016
Another nice scent on the market. Sweet, safe and girly; reminds me of Live Irresistibly or Black Opium. At first, it´s a nice explosion of sweet roses, then mutates into vanilla cake and maripan -so far so good- but the drydown became something too strong and sweet for my nose, like orange jam and licorice. I´m a bit dissapointed not only for I was expecting something more edgy but it does not fit with the Poison range. Nor the add with the smoking hot model. Nice bottle though.
2nd February 2016