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Plum by Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
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Plum is a women's perfume launched in 2010 by Mary Greenwell

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Reviews of Plum by Mary Greenwell

There are 2 reviews of Plum by Mary Greenwell.

A sweetish, fruity start - a plum/blackcurrant impression indeed with a floral drydown. The latter sports rose, tuberose and jasmine as main components, and they are quite well done. That base adds a soft patchouli with somewhat nonspecific woodsy undertones.

The sillage is moderate, the projection adequate and the longevity is five hours on my skin.

Another fruity-floral spring concoction with some nice moments in the drydown when the - at times overly dominant - fruitiness rescinds but overall nothing exciting. 2.5/5.

Plum's topnotes are clearly meant to appeal to fairly mainstream luxury perfume shoppers. It's got that cassis smell that perfumers love to say is plum or just about any other red fruit, mixed with rose and violets and bubblegummy jasmine. There's mint in there as well, probably in an attempt to balance the silly fruitiness (though it ends up smelling like Florabotanica). If I'm making this sound intriguing, it isn't. This smells like any other dumb but expensive fruity floral that comes and goes at Neiman Marcus.

Thankfully, only the topnotes are dumbed down, and things get much better given a little time. A rather large tuberose note comes in eventually and pulls everything together, acting as a luxurious backbone to the mint and flowers, while the fruit dies away. A dry tobacco leaf/tonka smell comes in later and leads into the base, where a surprising vetiver takes over.

I just don't know what to say at this point. Everything except the stupid plum is great. It's rich and concentrated, clever and unique, and keeps its balance during what could have been difficult transitions. And yet it's clearly and obviously dumbed down to the point that many serious perfumistas would likely write this off after a quick sniff on paper. Maybe it's a good fit for the Florabotanica fanatics, or for people who aren't as closed-minded as me when it comes to fruity florals...

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