Pleasures Exotic 
Estée Lauder (2004)

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Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder

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Lauder's first foray into travel-retail exclusives. A combination of the original notes with the addition of mango, pink grapefruit, lychee and more.

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Reviews of Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder

There are 14 reviews of Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder.

Tropical. That's one way to describe Pleasures Exotic. Sharp, acidic and synthetic, are three others.

I was not surprised when I saw grapefruit listed as a note, (I'm not a fan of it). Pleasures Exotic smells too much like a fruity beverage, very juicy and rich, yet not something I particularly want to wear.

This fragrance has a very strange edge to it. The fruity opening is far too strong and sharp, and the hibiscus, peony, cassia and litchi far too prominent. I sense a shampoo/soapy aspect which doesn't blend too well with the dominant fruits. One minute it's fresh like just stepping out of the shower, the next minute I'm on a beach with tropical juice spilt all down my front.

A majority of the time, Pleasures Exotic makes me nauseous. I don't know what it is, but this fragrance really isn't for me.

I've only tried it once so far, but I really like it. It has enough of the original Pleasures scent, but the fruitiness makes it stand out. I smell peaches, although that isn't in the notes.

The "marketing" description to me is not at all deceptive. The original is very ambiguously floral and was a little sweet in the base. Exotic gets all fruity on you with the mangoes and such. They are definitely there and makes the fragrance something new. When I read "exotic" I really did think of tropical fruits and such. Ah! Get out of my head!

A clear, refreshing, green scent that I enjoy wearing when I need a lift. It smells clean without being soapy or using that dreadful "marine" note. Quite calming, too - I wear it when I practice yoga. Not a seductive scent; rather, it's great for the office and/or hot weather.

yummy yummy mango and a lot of fresh flowers to remind any one that you are not an edible sweetie but just stepped out of heaven. A very nice summer fragrance for younger ladies.

Pleasures Exotic is the fruity variation of the original. Since fruity notes are not among my most favorite, I'm still loving the original best. But, having said that, PE is one of the nicer spin offs I've experienced. The fruitiness is not too sweet (IMO), the florals and wooded base still shine through and hold true to their parent frag! I'll use my sample, but won't purchase a full bottle of this one. Oh yeah, my daughter gave my wrist a sniff and said, " smells like a hair product...".

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