Pleasures Aqua 
Estée Lauder (2016)

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Pleasures Aqua by Estée Lauder

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Pleasures Aqua is a women's perfume launched in 2016 by Estée Lauder

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Reviews of Pleasures Aqua by Estée Lauder

There are 1 reviews of Pleasures Aqua by Estée Lauder.

The scent of tender femininity. A lively scent with lovely hints of floral. It has a delicacy and femininity entirely different from heavy and passionate feminine perfume by esttee lauder. Nothing too serious at all and definitely not sexy or mysterious it is a beautifully fresh, predominantly floral scent like when you have just finished your shower and you have treated yourself with a shower cream. Young, fresh, aquatic, soft, clean, feminine, delicate, youthful and lovely daytime scent.

Soothing melody of watrety notes and green notes refrain composed of peony, lilac and freesia that adds a nice soft pillowy dreamy effect. The soft woody notes gives it a little arid feel in the base notes to a decidedly young scent with an intoxicatingly light trail that makes you feel clean and fresh. The composition is so refreshing for summer. If you are seeking a light, fresh, watery, everyday kind of scent for use during in the spring/summer I highly recommend this one.

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