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Pink by Lili Bermuda

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Pink is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Lili Bermuda

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Reviews of Pink by Lili Bermuda

There are 2 reviews of Pink by Lili Bermuda.

Magnolia with a dash of watermelon. Sweet, fresh and a little green and not too fruity. The fruity note recedes rather quickly but stays in the background. A nice floral scent. I can smell more of the magnolia note as it dries down and it's pretty close to the real flower. It's very light and doesn't have staying power.

This is the only Lili Bermuda scent I am giving a thumbs down to. The scent for me is practically non-existent, and I have tried both the perfume and the soap.

I get a very reedy scent, reminiscent of light Artemesia, after a bit of dry Mimosa, but nothing else. No complexity - and it disappears after half an hour. This is one that I would like to see re-formulated as it has a number of interesting ingredients that simply do not rise to my nose.

Launched in 2007.

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