Piment Brûlant 
L'Artisan Parfumeur (2002)

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Reviews of Piment Brûlant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

There are 34 reviews of Piment Brûlant by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

The pepper is evident right from the start, but is is a restrained sweet chili and not a really hot pepper on me.

A sweetish combination of cocoa and clove - the clove being prominent continues the - limited - development.

Later on I get the vanilla-tonka, but again it is holding back, which might not be a bad thing given the many cloying vanillas our there. Whiffs of cinnamon are fleetingly present.

I got moderate sillage, excellent projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A nice scent with a good way of incorporating pepper and clove as part of the mix without being overwhelming; they are integrated team players here. The drawback is that as a whole it is quite weak after the first hours, and rather linear. 2.75/5
Jul 15, 2020

Piercing spice. Warm. Mega clove. I smell more Tonka than cocoa. Then I get mainstream vanilla. Not too much to rave over here. It's rather boring.
Feb 12, 2019

After reading reviews I was expecting a 'greener' fragrance, and although the opening is indeed just like a freshly cut bell or chilli pepper, after some time I get an ongoing and quite deep 'red' spicy scent. Chilli pepper and cinnamon mostly, rounded with lower notes of the cacao and dark chocolate. I find these override the amber and vanilla which seem to play a supporting role rather than being detectable to my admittedly very novice nose. I really enjoy it. I love cooking and am always happy to smell gourmands, especially unusual (to me) ones like this.
I'm not bothered about projection, I wear scents for my enjoyment, but I'll report that this one certainly doesn't shout, nor does it last all day/night. I've got a nice, well blended skin-scent now after a few hours of putting it on. I'd happily add a few more sprays next time.
I did notice a similarity with the violet/violet leaf notes in DSquared He wood cologne which I've worn a few times lately.
Altogether a very nice fragrance from a house that seems to me adventurous and creative.
Feb 5, 2019

While checking the notes listed in Piment Brûlant, the savoury dark chocolate spiced up by chili pepper immediately pops into my head. Unfortunately, on me the chocolate never manages to peep out. Upon application, it smells spicy, green and crisp, like many have pointed out, the freshly cut green bell pepper. I can hardly get other notes suggested. After about 4 hours, it evolves towards red chili pepper but overall it remains the same cold spicy tone which is a similar ambiance that I got from Un Jardin après la Mousson.

The sillage is close to skin. The longevity is at least 6 hours. A very interesting olfactory exprience though not exactly what I expected. It's actually a versatile fragrance, fresh enough for summer, spicy enough for winter. However, it lacks something sensual to evoke a 'love' for the scent itself. I'd love to get a small bottle for my collection, but a 100ml bottle just seems an eternity to me.
Jan 10, 2019

in Bed (Le Lit) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Dec 27, 2018

Well, this one has me stumped. This was a free sample with purchase, one I requested specifically for its notes as I have a thing for chocolate scents. All I can say is that if I'd purchased a full bottle based on the notes, I'd be feeling pretty ripped off right about now, and pretty damn angry. I don't get any chocolate or vanilla or amber or musk. There's a weird, sharp note, like a crushed tomato plant stem. I get a bit of the chili pepper with a faint hint of a (very old) cinnamon stick and some dusty old cloves – ones that have escaped from the packet and have been sitting in the bottom of the spice rack forever – and that's it. And after a couple of minutes, the scent is completely gone. I've re-applied three times, thinking maybe it was just weak and I needed to put on a bit more, but nope. I'd love to see what this is like on someone else, but on me, it's just, well, nothing. I can't even smell enough in this to make a call as to whether I like it or not – there's just nothing there. Thinking it was maybe my skin chemistry, I asked my husband to try this one, and he could barely smell anything either, so maybe it is simply a bad sample. It's a shame, because the notes in this all look so good. Definitely try before you buy. I'm giving this a neutral – unfair to give it a thumbs down if it is a bad sample. If I get the chance to try another sample and it's different, I'll update my review.
Oct 23, 2016

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