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Lake Pichola is the crown jewel and central focus of the princely city of Udaipur. A myriad of colourful historic, architectural and spiritual reflections fall on this splendid water body - the sunlight and moonlight of each season bringing out the eternal and timeless beauty of Lake Pichola.

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Reviews of Pichola by Neela Vermeire

There are 2 reviews of Pichola by Neela Vermeire.

The Neela Vermeire range has a very specific marker – these perfumes refuse to let you impose your taste on the rest of the world. They project just fine in terms of the wearer being able to smell them throughout the day. But take over a room? Never. They're too well-bred. However, in terms of their pricing they positively scream: ‘Too posh for thou!' Many is the time I have almost buckled for Mohur, but then decided to carry on being stingy with my decant instead.
Pichola is no exception to the refusing-to-be-loud rule despite being a white floral. From a sparkling green neroli and orange blossom accented opening, Pichola dons a somewhat milky veil (this milkiness is becoming a Duchaufour signature), but it's supremely comforting. There's a bunch of lovely notes nuzzling under it, understated citruses from the opening, a tiny pinch of cardamom, other floral notes, jasmine and tuberose chief among them, but oh-so-fresh and polite, and a base of cloud-like softness. Pichola puts me in a mellow mood notwithstanding its overall sprightly character. It gets a bit thin later on when one gets the feeling that the main orange blossom-tuberose theme is left standing on an empty stage.
Some will think Pichola misses the point of a white floral – where's the seeping carnality or immense throw? Look elsewhere. But to feel like a just-opened blossom shaking in an April breeze, look no further.

Mar 24, 2016

A pleasant but hackneyed lemony floral with some buttery musk notes underneath. It opens green and bright, with a touch of tang to counter any overt sweetness, and then it kicks up into a milky almost hay-like tuberose. Over time, it fizzles out into a vanillic, blond woody base with a slight marine nuance, and that's really all there is to it. Although it's a little on the chemical side, it sidesteps harshness and never threatens to cloy. Articulate, Duchaufourian, but ultimately, it's just a basic white floral sans any flare or personality to make it stand out.
Jul 16, 2015

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